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Infertility: Elizabeth and Ray’s Story

Posted on: April 30, 2016 | Alternative Birth, Depression, Labor and Birth, Pregnancy

What is infertility? Infertility is the diagnosis given when a couple is not able to become pregnant despite having carefully timed, unprotected sex for one year. There are more than 200,000 cases of infertility in the United States each year. What causes infertility? The causes of infertility may include inadequate levels of …

Postpartum Insurance Policy

Posted on: May 31, 2013 | Alternative Birth, Depression, Postpartum

A Postpartum Insurance Policy You just gave birth. Your hormones are raging. Your life just changed forever. What if I tried to sell you an insurance policy that could insure a more positive transition for you? What if it was your own placenta and eating it was part of that …


Posted on: April 4, 2013 | A Doula's Husband, Alternative Birth, Doula Life

You want to do what with the what?  The placenta? You want to do something to turn it into pills (placenta encapsulation, I’m told it is called) and you want to ingest these pills? The placenta… like the after birth? That bloody raw meat looking thing on the other end of …

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