We might not really notice it or think about it, but did you know that adoption happens every day in the US? Think about this statistic: there are 4% of American families with children have an adopted child. And there’s nothing wrong with adoption, especially if you really want a child of your own and you’re having a hard time conceiving.

And for moms whose pregnancies are unplanned, there is also no shame in placing their babies up for adoption. In fact, there are more adoptive families than there are birth mothers who decide to place their babies up for adoption, so you can be sure that the babies will almost immediately be matched with adoptive parents. And the good news is that babies will all generally be adopted into safe and loving families.

Of course, adoption is not just a legal process that parties concerned have to go through to ensure the baby’s welfare. It is also an emotional journey for the birth mom and the adoptive families. It is a source of both great pain for the birth mom and immense joy for the adoptive parents.

Care and compassion for the birth mom and the adoptive parents have to be present during the adoption process as it is an extremely sensitive and delicate matter. Birth moms most often go through it alone, with hardly any source of physical and emotional support. It is also nerve-wracking for adoptive parents who may be at a loss as to their role in the birthing process, and what happens next after the birth of the baby.

This is where one of our doulas can come in to help.


What is an adoption doula?

Any one of our doulas is a trained professional and birth companion that provides you with physical, emotional, and informational support during pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum. But there are also what we call adoption doulas. 

Our adoption doulas are those who specialize in newborn adoption and work with the adoptive parents, birth mother, and members of the adoption team to ensure a smooth adjustment from the birth mother to the adoptive parents. They have the experience, expertise, knowledge of the adoption process, and special skill sets that can help everyone smoothly navigate the delicate adoption terrain. This is valuable especially if the adoptive parents are going to be parents for the first time, or if, say, for example, they end up adopting twins which can be quite a handful.

Here at Northeast Doulas, we believe that adoption is a delicate human experience that needs to be tended to with love, care, and compassion. And we want to ensure that the transition from the birth mom to the new parents goes as smoothly as possible. One of our capable adoption doulas can be there for you – whether you are the birth mom or the adoptive parents. 


How do adoption doula help birth mothers?

For birth mothers, adoption doulas are in a position to provide informational and educational support on adoption preparation, including identifying support groups post-partum. With the help of our doula, a birth plan within the context of adoption can be executed.

During labor and delivery, one of our doulas can be there to provide care, comfort, and assurance to the birth mother. Doulas can help birth moms have a pain-medication-free delivery.

Of course, support is not only provided during the delivery of the baby. Even with plenty of preparation and a sincere decision, the birth mom may find it difficult to let go of her baby. The event will still be heart-wrenching for the birth mom when she delivers the baby. Our doula can be a source of emotional support for the birth mom as she bids goodbye to a baby she has carried in her tummy for nine months.

And as the birth mom eventually leaves the hospital, one of our doulas can continue to be leaned on. Postpartum visits can be arranged for follow-up care as the birth mom deals with the reality and swirling different emotions of giving her baby up for adoption.


How do adoption doula help adoptive parents?

For adoptive parents, the benefits of having one of our doulas with them include informational and educational adoption support preparation. This is especially important for first-time parents. After all, if it will be their first time having a child, they may be at a loss on how to care for a baby. Having our doula guide them through what may and will happen will help adoptive parents adjust to their new role.

During delivery, our doula can be a steadying presence for adoptive parents. It is a source of great comfort to have someone they can turn to for any questions or needs that they may have as they meet their new baby.

Adoption doulas can also be a source of physical and emotional support and comfort for adoptive parents as they meet and bond with their new baby for the first time. Doulas can help adoptive parents prepare as they bring their baby home. For example, our doula can tell the new parents the general behavior of new babies, what they’ll need, what they should wear, and what they should look out for.

And if the adoptive parents wish it, our adoption doulas may also provide continued care after birth and transition – all they need to do is let us know.


If you need an adoption doula, don’t hesitate to contact Northeast Doulas.

The birth of a child happens in different contexts. Most pregnancies and births are welcomed by moms, parents, and families. Others are unplanned and need special care and attention. Giving your baby up for adoption is a source of great pain for the birth mom.

On the other hand, the arrival of babies, especially to couples who would like to adopt a child, is a source of immense joy, especially since there are more adoptive parents than babies that are available for adoption. Getting selected by a birth mom to be her newborn’s adoptive parents is a cause for celebration.

In whatever situation you may find yourself in, do know that when you get us at Northeast Doulas, our team will be there to serve as a bridge to the pain and joy that accompanies adoption. As experienced birth companions, we know that having a doula by the side of a mom who has just given birth brings comfort and assurance. This is even made more important when we are talking of birth within the context of adoption.

The same goes for new parents. We will be there every step of the way as they navigate through parenthood for the first time, helping them feel confident about the steps they take to take care of their newborn.

Our roster of experienced, trained, and knowledgeable doulas can be your source of comfort, quiet strength, and steady and calm presence throughout the adoption process. If you are looking for a high-quality standard of service, support, and care as you begin your adoption journey, we are your best bet for caring and compassionate service.

Contact us today – we look forward to helping you have an effortless adoption process.