We’re always setting out to embrace birthing techniques that are more comfortable for mom while staying safe for baby.

One of these birthing styles that is becoming increasingly popular is the beautiful experience of water birth. Many families seek the comfort that water birth provides and at Hudson Valley Hospital’s safe water birth services second to none.

Why water?

Many women feel more at ease in the tempered water of a birthing tub or pool, where they can feel weightless. This weightlessness offers less pressure on sensitive joints and muscles, making it easier to concentrate on their contractions and breathing exercises. An improved sense of calm keeps the mind focused on the affirmations and comfort measures your doula can provide, making it a great option for mothers who are persevering through a medication free delivery. In most, duration of labor can sometimes be significantly shorter than traditional delivery.

What sets Hudson Valley Hospital Apart?

Not only is the Hudson Valley Hospital staff committed to the priorities and experience of every family, but this birth center is one of the few hospitals in New York State that are legally cleared for water births. Women who decide to change their birth plan to include water delivery can be accommodated quickly and effortlessly, eliminating a huge stress for parents in labor. The tubs are impeccably clean, include massaging jets and come along with an attentive staff that keep mom and baby as safe and comfortable as possible.

When is water birth out of the question?

Not all deliveries are created equal and some pregnancies have complications that make it difficult or even risky in some cases. If you’re interested in planning this kind of delivery, it’s best to consult with your care provider to help you make the best decisions for your family.

Can my partner participate?

Of course! At Hudson Valley Hospital are inviting spaces for your partner or your labor doula to facilitate comfort measures as needed. Some women feel more comfortable having their spouse in the tub with them, while others prefer to be in the tub on their own. Your partner will be able to massage your shoulders or back while your birth team helps them identify the pressure points that can help your delivery more comfortable. As with any birth, your family can participate as much as you feel comfortable with. Either way, the hospital is friendly and welcoming for those experiences.

Is it worth it?

Your birth is your own journey. If plans for this type of birth make you and your partner feel more empowered and in control of your experience, then form your birth plan around these strengths. Water birth isn’t for everyone, but can certainly assist families with various preferences meet their individual goals and expectations.

A comfortable birth is a happy birth, no matter what.

If you’re looking into water birth in the Hudson Valley, the staff at Hudson Valley Hospital can give you the information you need to make confident decisions for your baby’s big arrival. Your labor doula is also there to support you and your family through every phase of labor and there to keep you as comfortable as possible.