A doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a mother before, during, and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

The mom scene in Westchester and Greenwich kicks ass! It’s comprised of some of the most fierce, badass, birth educated, postpartum minded individuals in the world!

Moms in Westchester and Greenwich don’t settle! They want answers to their questions like “really, where can I get doula services near me?”  and they expect nothing but the best when it comes to support for their families!

Randy Patterson and Debbie Aglietti have been doulas in Westchester and Greenwich for decades. They were doulas long before they had cell phones and long before clients had access to Google for pregnancy, birth and parenting support.

These doulas in Westchester and Greenwich studied their asses off!

Having a doula has been shown to reduce the length of labor, lower the need for pain medication, and decrease the incidence of interventions such as vacuum extraction or forceps delivery. Additionally, research has shown that when mothers have continuous support during labor, they are more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience.

They read and researched every birth and baby related topic available, and committed it to memory. They applied what they learned and gathered more experience than most doulas attain in a lifetime! Here are some questions in your mind when you ask yourself, where can I find doula services near me?

What moms in Westchester and Greenwich wanted back then was answers to questions like:

  • How will I know when I’m in labor?
  • How do I time my contractions?
  • Which prenatal tests do I need?
  • What is Group B Strep?
  • Will I poop when I push?
  • Why won’t my baby stop crying?
  • What is the best formula to use if necessary?
  • How do I cloth diaper?
  • Do I have postpartum depression?

Now we all have access to the world wide web and can access more information about topics like these than we could ever possibly imagine.

So what could someone possibly need from doulas in Westchester and Greenwich?

I’m so glad you asked!

What moms in Westchester and Greenwich need from their doulas is the stuff the internet cannot provide!

It’s having a go-to experienced source for answers to the questions you didn’t even think of asking!

Questions like:

  • What are the routine hospital protocols surrounding birth in Westchester and Greenwich hospitals? At Northeast Doulas, we have these answer!
  • What are my options for parenting philosophies in the earliest stages? At Northeast Doulas, we have these answer!
  • What if I’m afraid to give birth? At Northeast Doulas, we can help you navigate this and provide you with evidence-based options designed to reduce fear.
  • What if I can’t breastfeed? At Northeast Doulas, we can help you breastfeed or we can introduce and support alternatives to breastfeeding.

These are just some of the ways that these doulas in Westchester and Greenwich support their clients!

If I had to say what the most powerful, meaningful and impactful way moms in Westchester and Greenwich benefit from our doula support, I would say it is in having an unbiased, non-judgmental, experienced professional as their sounding board.

Someone who knows all of the available options and has walked hundreds of others through it that can listen.

Someone who can help them clarify their wishes based on their personal philosophies.

Someone who is there with them to strategize and implement systems for labor, birth, postpartum recovery, feeding, sleep and most importantly their own well-being.

Someone who ultimately becomes “their person” for a season. The most extraordinary season ever.

Doula Services Near Me | Westchester, NY and Greenwich, CT

When it comes time to think about your birth plan and what kind of support you would like during labor and delivery, remember that hiring a doula should be at the top of your list! A trained professional doula can provide continuous physical and emotional support as well as important information throughout your entire Birthing Journey. Continuous studies show just how beneficial having this type of non-medical professional present can be during one on life’s most memorable moments!

Stop searching for Doula Services Near Me online. You’ve already come to the right place! Doulas provide support to women before, during, and after childbirth. They can offer emotional support, physical assistance, and educational information about pregnancy and birth. If you’re looking for a Doula in your area, we can help! We have a directory of Doulas who provide services near you.