Breastfeeding comes along with a certain feeling of joy and fulfillment for mothers. Not only does it get to provide the necessary sustenance and nutrients, but at the same time, it creates an intimate bond between you and your baby. However, there are those who may be…well, a bit wishy-washy about the thought of breastfeeding, claiming that they have heard stories and experiences saying that they shouldn’t.

Hmm… it can get a bit confusing at times, doesn’t it? Most especially when the facts start to get mixed with the myths! Oh no!

Well, as practitioners who specialize in child care and family life, we’re here to settle the score between the facts and myths about breastfeeding. Like we have said earlier, no one knows it better as we do.

Myth # 1: Formula milk and breast milk are the same bananas.


So perhaps you’ve been breastfeeding for a while now. And then one day, you find yourself at a crossroad, thinking if you should start switching to formula milk since well, it’s also milk made for babies so they should be just the same, right?

Whoops! Not exactly. 

We mean, yes, it’s true that they are both milk, BUT, the major difference lies in its ingredients and components. Breast milk is more natural in component – one that has been produced by your own body. Formula milk would seem more like a replica of the original. Basically, it’s like manufactured cow milk that is then processed further to make it a suitable substitute for breastmilk. 

So now you may be thinking: which is better between the two – breastmilk or formula milk?

The obvious answer would have to be breast milk! We’re not saying that formula milk is bad. Of course, it is not! However, we cannot deny that they won’t have the same benefits that breast milk can offer, such as having the ability to protect your baby from infections! Not to sound biased or anything (or well…maybe we are), but between the two, only breast milk has this special ability to do that for your baby.

Myth # 2: Breastfeeding hurts. Period.


Um…not exactly, either. It’s not always the case! We admit that breastfeeding may cause your senses to be extra sensitive due to a spike in your hormonal levels, especially right after giving birth, but it should not put you in such excruciating pain. Breastfeeding is a wonderful moment between you and your baby! Should the feeling of discomfort persist though, it’s best to seek consultation from your doctor so they may help determine any other underlying causes.

Other than that, we can assure you that breastfeeding does not hurt! We even swear it in the name of the motherhood code! (Well…if there is such a thing).

Myth # 3: Breastfeeding is not allowed after exercise. (Cos my baby might taste my sweat)


Another myth that we have to debunk! There has been no association tied between your sweat and milk production when it comes to exercising (if that’s what you’re thinking). So it should not be a hindrance to breastfeeding! So if you are a workout junkie, you don’t have to worry about stopping at all! 

In fact, exercising can be a big help in improving the quality of your milk production. Just make sure to shower well after your exercise, so that when it’s feeding time for your baby, you won’t have to suspect about your milk tasting salty all of a sudden.

Myth # 4: Drinking milk will increase my milk supply.


As interesting as that may sound and perhaps, we’re gonna have to pop that make-believe bubble too. It does make sense though, however, it does not really affect the abundance of your milk supply. What’s important to remember here is, keeping yourself hydrated of any liquid you have (just of course, with the exception of liquor and caffeine, or any unhealthy options you have) and eating a balanced diet, especially now that you are breastfeeding, since those are the sources of your milk production. 

Myth # 5: My baby got diarrhea! I think I should stop breastfeeding.


As alarming as a case of diarrhea is for your baby, we ask you to keep calm and take deep breaths as we debunk this belief for you. Your breast milk did not cause your baby’s diarrhea at all. In fact, they can get better if they continue breastfeeding because as a mother, that is your superpower! Breastfeeding has the ability to protect your baby from getting sick, as it can fight off any infections lingering around them. Think of it as like getting their first vaccination. 

Northeast Doulas:  Here for Breastfeeding Myths Debunked, True Partner for Motherhood


Now, finally, we’re talking about a fact we can verify! Here at Northeast Doulas, we are your extended support throughout these life-changing journeys for you and your family. As doulas, we consider it our life mission to continuously guide and educate expecting and newly-birthed mothers and their families alike, that’s why we take breastfeeding myths debunked seriously. We are known to provide exceptional care for families with newborns, as well as for mothers who are undergoing labor and those who are in postpartum.

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