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About Northeast Doulas

Women often ask…

How do I find a Labor Doula? What is a Postpartum Doula? Should I hire a Baby Nurse? What does a night nanny do?

They often seek the help of the experts at Northeast Doulas!

As a business-minded woman with a passion for birth, Northeast Doulas owner Debbie Aglietti has a deep understanding of all things associated with pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Northeast Doulas with a 17-year history, Debbie, along with her team, have assisted more than 2,850 couples on the path to parenthood.

Northeast Doulas has an amazing group of trained, experienced and certified labor doulas, postpartum doulas and postpartum placenta specialists that are ready to make their Greenwich, Westchester and NYC clientele their number one priority, at a moments notice.

“Our commitment to our clientele is surpassed by none!” says company founder, Debbie Aglietti.

Whether you are planning a home birth, water birth, hospital birth or scheduled cesarean section, Northeast Doulas will provide you with the judgment free educational, physical and emotional support that you deserve! Remember… labor and birth are your last opportunity to be nurtured before you become the nurturer!

What is a doula?debbie-back

A Doula is a professional who specializes in emotional, physical and educational support for women in their childbearing years. Whether you are pregnant, about to give birth or home with a newborn, an experienced doula understands your needs (both emotional and physical) and is able to support you based on those needs.

Hundreds of thousands of American women have discovered that the presence of an experienced doula can be the difference between a birth or postpartum experience and an amazing transformation into motherhood.

Why would I want a doula?

There is much confusion surrounding birth in our culture. From prenatal testing to pain management during labor, to breastfeeding a newborn.

An experienced doula will help you navigate the uncertainties. She will help you find your own philosophy around birth and parenting and she will encourage you with information and resources that support how you feel.

How do I choose the right doula near me?

  • Is she available for your estimated due date?
  • Does she have references you can call?
  • Does she work cohesively with the provider you have chosen?
  • Can she support you without her personal ideas creating a bias?

Choosing the right doula near you is simple once you have gotten satisfactory answers to the “business” questions. It is simple because if you listen to “your gut” the answer will come to you.

Next, ask yourself these really important questions:

  • Can we imagine this woman supporting us through this experience?
  • Can we close our eyes and see this woman beside us, supporting us?

Remember, birth is about trusting yourself and your instincts. YOU will know if she is the right doula for you! Trust yourself!

Northeast Doulas has a full team of amazing Doulas and consider themselves experts in matching clients with doulas who are best suited to support them.

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