When it comes to hiring a doula after having a baby, overnight care is the best gift you can give yourself!

It’s 9:00pm and you are absolutely exhausted. Your 2 week old baby is finally asleep in your arms after spending 2.5 hours crying, fussing, farting and feeding. You’re not quite sure how THIS is your life right now… but at the same time, you are beyond grateful for the little person that is laying in your arms.

You spent hours today wondering about whether or not you’re good at this mom thing and over the past two weeks you shed more tears than a lifetime’s worth.

Your friend tried to comfort you by telling you the story of a mutual friend that is now in the hospital because she has postpartum psychosis and had intrusive thoughts of murdering her baby. She ended the story with, “At least you’re not as bad off as she is!”

You were not “comforted” by this news…

In fact, it affirmed your decision to hire a doula for overnight care.

Your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula from Northeast Doulas is scheduled to arrive at 10pm, but one of the things you love about her is that she’s always a few minutes early. She knows you are ready to decompress and that you are eager to talk with her about the day.

As expected, there’s a knock at the door at 9:50pm. She’s here!!! Your husband opens the door and welcomes her. He’s glad she’s here too. He realizes that her presence seems to build your confidence in some way and he likes you feeling your best.

She kicks off her shoes, washes her hands and greets you with a hug. You wonder to yourself why EVERYONE doesn’t know to wash their hands when they come in and are grateful that with “this guest” you never have to tell her to!

She sits beside you, and the baby begins to stir. She asks about the day.

  • What time did the day start for you guys?
  • Did you get much sleep?
  • Did the baby have wet and dirty diapers today? How many?
  • How did breastfeeding go today?
  • How are you feeling?
  • What was your biggest challenge today?
  • Was there a moment that brought you joy today?

You instantly feel your shoulders drop. Your breathing slows a bit and you are warmed by a sense of peace that now rushes over you.

You make a mental note to yourself to tell your husband how grateful you are to have hired Northeast Doulas for overnight doula care.

But what you probably don’t know and what I’m dying to tell you is that your answer to that last question affirms for your doula why she started doing this work in the first place.

The answer was, “A moment that brought me joy today? Yea… the moment YOU knocked on the door! We couldn’t do this without overnight care from you.”

We are so grateful for the trust that you put in us and we pride ourselves on bringing you the comfort and care you need! Contact us today for more info.

Authored by: Randy Patterson