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Postpartum Doulas

If you are ready for the combination of baby nurse, night nanny and postpartum recovery expert, then what you seek is… A Postpartum Doula!

What you can expect from a postpartum doula is everything from light housekeeping to hands on education surrounding all things baby.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Recognizing postpartum physical recovery “red flags”
  • Recognizing and affirming “normal” postpartum emotional responses
  • Alerting you to “beyond the scope of normal” recovery signs and symptoms
    • Extensive breastfeeding support, including:
    • Latch
    • Positions
    • Comfort
    • Affirmation
    • Trouble shooting difficulties
    • Referrals for Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
  • Extensive bottle feeding support, including:
    • Pumping and storage
    • Formula preparation and storage
    • Sanitation and sterilization
    • Pace feeding – to reduce overfeeding
  • Combination feeding
  • Newborn care instruction and support
    • Bathing, shampooing, nail care
    • Umbilical cord care
    • Intact or circumcision care
    • Swaddling
  • Recommendations for baby products
  • Soothing and comforting techniques
  • Elongation of sleeping patterns when appropriate
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Errands and shopping
  • Sibling support

While the list of areas that a postpartum doula can support you is well defined, our clients have a difficult time explaining what they’ll need most. The word “support” is difficult to describe. Many of us have simply never experienced true non-judgmental, unconditional support.

That said, once you experience it, you want to scream it from the rooftops!

Northeast Doulas is prepared to provide your family with as little as 1, 5 hour shift during the day, 24hr a day care or live in care for as long as you desire.

Our packages are flexible as we do not expect you to know exactly what your needs will include.

Contact us to schedule a meeting and let the gentle nurturing spirit of our doulas embrace you on your new journey.

Providing postpartum doula care to families in Greenwich, Westchester and NYC. Special travel arrangements can be made upon your request and your expectations should include a sterling standard of discretion.

“The postpartum care they provided my husband and I was truly invaluable. The birth of our first child was the most wonderful and simultaneously the most challenging experience we have had. As we tried to adjust to life with a newborn, Northeast Doulas, consistently provided us with the practical advice and guidance we needed. Their warmth and compassion coupled with their professionalism gave us confidence to navigate our way through parenthood.

– Christina – Hastings on Hudson, NY


Providing Professional Doula Services to Families in Greenwich, Westchester & NYC for over 16 Years

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