Congratulations on your pregnancy and kudos to you for hiring a doula! I bet you’re wondering what happens at your doula prenatal visit. Well, we’re gonna break that down for you right now!

Your doula prenatal visit is an appointment that will take place between you, your partner (if you like) and your doulas. The appointment will take approximately one and a half hours and it should be scheduled for a date shortly after you have taken your childbirth education class.

The reason we suggest taking your childbirth class first is so that we can reference all of the options introduced to you during your class.

You see, the doula prenatal visit is a casual discussion where your doulas will walk you through the process of labor and birth from beginning to end. They will discuss all of the options along the way and you will convey your wishes for your birth. It is a time where your “birth plan” is developed and you may decide to write one based on the discussion. A written birth plan is not a necessity but good communication with your provider is! Writing a birth plan is one of the choices that you might make during your doula prenatal visit.

This meeting, where the focus is exclusively on your wishes for your birth is also a time where your doulas can get a sense about any fears or anxieties that you may have. These can cause you to hold back during labor and discussing them can help you release them. It is an opportunity for you (and your partner) to bond with your doulas and build trust and comfort. Your doulas want you to have the best birth possible while feeling completed supported both physically and emotionally.

Having this time together helps your doulas learn what the best support for you looks and feels like. This enables them to meet your needs during labor and to bring you some peace of mind surrounding your baby’s birth.

If you haven’t done so yet, contact Northeast Doulas right away to schedule your doula prenatal visit.

Authored by: Randy Patterson