Pacifier weaning can pose its challenges! Our littles seem to get very attached to their paci, binky, boppy, no-no nucky or bip. Each has created their own term of endearment for their beloved pacifier.

Every family has a creative name for this little piece of household ‘peace and quiet’. Almost 200 different names to be exact.

The real fun begins when it’s time to say goodbye binky and pacifier weaning begin…

But, as we all know, necessity is the mother of invention and figuring out how to release the bink is no exception!

Parents, let’s get creative when it comes to pacifier weaning to ease the transition of your little ones and make it a bit less stressful for everyone involved. The idea here is to make it fun and not too obvious about what’s really going on. If they’re on to you, it’ll never happen! The following are some creative solutions!

The Binky Fairy

Oh you’ve never heard of the mystical Binky Fairy?

She visits your child while they sleep each night (similar to her cousin, the Tooth Fairy) and removes the pacifier, She replaces it with a little present that makes a toddler very excited to wake up to! One by one the pacifiers disappear, almost without any waterworks.

Whoever thought of this one should win an award for most creative. Parents, by the end of this you’ll be experts at navigating your child’s room in the dark like a pacifier ninja. Of course that comes after stubbing your toe and stepping on a few legos in the middle of the night.

Pay With Pacifiers

So you have quite the collection of pacifiers at this point. Wrangle them all up and put them in a ziplock bag and take your toddler shopping! No, not for new pacifiers. Let them pick out something they like and trade those pacifiers for toys. It makes it even more fun when you get the cashier involved! Make this transaction as ‘legit’ as possible, this is your only chance.

Don’t let them sense your fear!

Plant a Pacifier Tree.

Bury that bad habit. Literally.

Take your little one into the backyard and dig a hole, bury the pacifier right in the ground and mark the place. Tell them this good deed will help a big tree grow.

When they’re occupied go outside and actually plant a bush or tree that flowers beautifully! The instant gratification will keep suspicions at bay and you can even tell yourself that you’ve done  some gardening.

When they turn 30 or so, you can tell them that there’s no such thing as a pacifier bush. But you’ve got plenty of time for that.

When times get tough, remember it’s temporary. Be strong. You know your children and you’ve got this.

You’ll be saying “bye bye binky” before you know it! If we can help, hit us up!