Giving birth anytime soon? It’s definitely a big deal! It’s a very momentous occasion and for first-time parents like yourselves, it’s a moment that you will never forget. Of course, one thing can make you wait for far longer than you want to. Want to know what that is? Well, that’s your baby not wanting to pop, even if you’re more than ready to do so.


Now you may be worried and have plenty of questions if your baby doesn’t seem to want to come out. The most important thing you can do if that happens is to not panic. We at Northeast Doulas don’t want you to be needlessly anxious during this special time in your life. Here, we will answer the most common questions about why babies are sometimes born late rather than early. We hope this will assuage your fears.

My baby seems to love it here inside my uterus. Why is that? Did I do anything wrong?

This is a very common pregnancy question. There’s no real answer as to why some babies make delayed entrances into the world. Most women who are overdue think that they did something wrong or that something is wrong with their baby. The reality is that the baby is probably just fine and you did nothing wrong at all. Babies love their time inside your uterus. It is warm, cozy, dark, safe, comfortable, and full of food. For most of us, it’s like a little house, and for your baby, it’s like a little bedroom. They have been there so long that it is actually quite normal for them to stay where they are until they are ready to pop out. 


In fact, many people believe that babies are so comfortable in your uterus that they don’t want to leave. It’s very hard to be patient, but if your baby doesn’t want to come out, it won’t. At least not until it’s ready to make the big move to the world outside of the womb. As long as you are not in danger of going into labor, we recommend that you relax and keep the baby inside. After all, the time your baby spends inside your uterus is an important part of its development. Your baby is learning things that will help it for when it comes out.


Of course, do take note that you may be likely to deliver late if you meet the following conditions: 


– This is your first pregnancy;

– Your other babies, if any, also came out of their womb late;

– You have relatives who also delivered babies past their due date; or 

– You yourself came out of your mother’s womb late.

They say it’s better late than never. But…how safe is my baby to stay that long inside?

If your baby is just one week after the due date, you are both not at risk of any complications. This is if both of you seem healthy and well. Remember, babies don’t necessarily care about your projected timeline for their birth. 


However, if the baby goes past two weeks without being born, things get riskier. There’s a chance it can be stillborn. The placenta might suddenly not be able to function properly, or the baby might get infected. If babies are delivered post-term, problems might occur during labor. For example, babies could have breathing problems. There might also be slowed heartbeat or a need for a cesarean section. 


Thankfully, babies are very rarely born that late because doctors would usually induce labor two weeks after the due date.

Did I calculate my due date wrong? (Ugh, math sucks!) How do I even calculate it?

Remember that the due date is only an estimate of when you will give birth. The baby’s due date is never truly accurate. However, it is still important to know even if it is not entirely exact. This is because a lot of decisions are based on that estimate. For example, you can determine the start of the maternity leave on that estimate. Based also on the approximate due date, your doctor can determine whether to induce labor or examine the baby further.

I really cannot wait to see my baby! Will my doctor apply induced labor on me?

Even if you and the baby seem well, labor induction will probably be recommended after a certain amount of time anyway. But generally, doctors suggest the inducing of labor if there are signs of possible complications. That means your baby needs to be born soon. The complications are also not that serious for a Cesarean section to be required. Some complications are your age, if you smoke, how much you weigh, or if the child is too big.


Inducing labor is something you, your partner, and your doctor should talk about. After all, it’s going to mean the use of many methods to try to get your contractions started artificially. It is best if you have your doctor explain things to you in detail so you can alleviate any fears you may have. Of course, you can still decide to not do it, but the benefits far outweigh the risks in this case.


Just so you know, inducing labor one week after the due date lowers the risk of your baby dying. It also lowers the risk of other birth complications. So you won’t be subjecting you and your baby to any unnecessary risks.


Of course, you can always try natural ways of inducing labor, like walking or having sex with your partner. Just do take note that research has been done, and there’s no actual proof that these methods work. You might have fun with your partner and get some exercise trying out these methods though. At the very least, perhaps it will help you take your mind off of why your baby is still inside.

Navigate Through Your Pregnancy Journey with a Labor Doula at Northeast Doulas

It’s normal to be anxious about your baby’s arrival, but our advice is to just relax. As long as your doctor says your baby is healthy, it’s very much okay to wait. Doctors do know best after all, and the last thing they would want is to put you and your baby in danger. We know you’re excited for your little one to pop out, but perhaps they just need a little more time.


If you need someone to talk to or lean on if your baby is overdue, contact us at Northeast Doulas. Our highly trained, experienced doulas will guide you through this journey so that you will know what to expect. You will know all the options you have and what correct decisions to make. We provide no-judgment, physical and emotional support that you need in this situation. Let us be your partner in this time. Let Northeast Doulas help you be empowered and delighted for your child’s birth. 

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