1) The old “I Don’t Know”– This one started way back. You were a teenager, you would randomly start crying and the more someone asked you why you were crying, the less you knew why! I guess this is one of those exclusive to women emotional overloads. So if that’s what we’re calling it, it makes sense that the more compassionate someone is towards you during one of these episodes, the more the emotions flow. How on Earth could we expect a man to understand this when WE don’t understand it ourselves! 2) Your chubby! You’re getting dressed, everything looks like shit on you, your room is a disaster, there are clothes all over the place and you come to the overwhelming truth that you are now officially… chubby! Men cannot understand this! Weren’t you the same size yesterday? You looked great yesterday! What do you mean you’re chubby? Just put on that black thing. You always wear that. It fits fine, we’re late. 3) You got a bad haircut. A bad haircut can kick our asses! I mean ruin us for weeks. We get insecure, fucked up, neurotic and emotional over hair! Hair! Let’s keep in mind, our husbands didn’t even notice our hair was cut, never mind cut BADLY! It certainly doesn’t make sense to them why we would be crying about this. They will never understand this, but we all do, right? 4) A song on the radio. Oh, how a song on the radio can stir up some emotion for us girls. Men… not so much! My opinion? I think men think this is a little bit cute! Let the tears roll! Enjoy the memories and emotions that the song is stirring up for you. When your man pulls you close and kisses you on the forehead, let yourself melt in his embrace. 5) Sex! Sex I say! You know what I’m talking about? That kind of sex that just blows your mind. Where you feel more alive and connected to yourself and to another human being than ever in your life. Your mind body and soul were completely invested in this interlude and upon completion (wink) EVERYTHING in you, completely lets go! The tears start flowing and your partner freaks! Are you ok? Did I hurt you? What’s wrong? Talk to me! All you can muster up between sobs is…  I just love you so much! He will never understand this but deep down inside, you know he felt it too! OK ladies, what all this tells me is that we NEED each other! We UNDERSTAND each other! And we MUST talk deeply and honestly with each other! I want to share some lyrics with you today from a song I LOVED as a child. It is from a show called Free to be, You and Me  and the song is called, “It’s All Right To Cry” by Rosey Grier and Carol Hall. It’s all right to cry Crying gets the sad out of you It’s all right to cry It might make you feel better Raindrops from your eyes Washing all the mad out of you Raindrops from your eyes It’s gonna make you feel better It’s all right to feel things Though the feelings may be strange Feelings are such real things And they change and change and change Sad ‘n’ grumpy, down in the dumpy Snuggly, hugly, mean ‘n’ ugly Sloppy, slappy, hoppy, happy Change and change and change It’s all right to know Feelings come and feelings go It’s all right to cry It might make you feel better   Authored by: Randy Patterson