“Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children… Now I have six children and no theories.”    

John Wilmot 


One of the most beautiful things about parenting is the way every parent has their own style and unique way of raising their little ones. From the very beginning, every parent has an idea of the mother or father that they wish to become.


The second most beautiful thing about parenting? Your’re going to change that parenting style over and over again and that’s totally okay. 


Some days you might find that you feel like super mom and another you might feel frustrated or feel like just changing your name and skipping town and none of those feelings define you as a parent, they simply illustrate the ways you’re growing and developing what parenting philosophies are really working.


The constant day to day struggle and waivering confidence that you aren’t quite getting this whole parenting thing right is in essence a sign that you are. 


There’s no definitive answer, cure, or solution to every problem and sometimes there’s so many different options and directions to take it can make your head spin. Whether you’re drawing inspiration for your own style from attachment parentingfree range parenting, or even helicopter parenting, you can feel confident that you’re settling into what works best for you.


There’s so many different suggestions to follow that you’re welcome to pick and choose the elements that feel the most comfortable. When you open to your mind to all the different possibilities you might be surpirsed to find clarity in the chaos.

Parenting is not about finding your footing, it’s seeking the balance. 


Even though there’s no easy way to pick up all the tips and tricks you learn from good old fashioned experience, a look at the different parenting philosophies is a good place to start. Chances are you won’t be able to settle into just one.

Finding a parenting style that works for you is like that comfortable messy bun; it’s not always cute, it might get a little crazy in public but you stick with it because they’re the comfiest thing you know.