Crying, screaming, fussy. Is there no end? Every time you put your newborn down, shrill shrieks, and bursts of belted tears that seem to get louder and louder with each foot step further away. Will they ever stop? Will there ever be peace? How can I make this end?


The secret art of swaddling has been soothing even the most unsettled for centuries. Yes, I said ART.

The baby burrito has been in practice for thousands of years. Swaddling has been known to have many benefits beyond just providing comfort. Swaddling has been known to promote healthy sleep since swaddling simulates the womb. Studies have shown that swaddling assists in decreasing SIDS risk since infants are securely wrapped and laid on their backs, with less chance of rolling over.

Swaddling is a finely tuned skill. This baby blanket origami has been mastered by parents and birth workers to sooth even the most savage of infants. Snugness and tuck techniques passed down from generation to generation perfected along the way.

But, don’t you worry we have scoured the universe (YouTube) and found 3 incredibly informative swaddling tutorials that will make you Masters of the Swaddle in minutes.

So, grab a baby doll and a blanket and follow these links to fuss free freedom!

This swaddling technique is a global success. ProDoula’s Director of Training & Development teaches this sensational swaddle to Doulas around the world.

Rumor has it Daddies actually are swaddling superstars… This man has his technique down!

Boasting over 3.5 million views seems to have some amazing tips on a tight tuck. Check it out:

Every Northeast Doulas  Postpartum & Infant Care doula has  proudly perfected swaddling , we would be delighted to provide you with a One on One lesson, if these videos have left you with any questions.