Being a doula takes it’s toll.
We work long hours, without notice and must give 110% of ourselves regardless of what is happening personally, when we are needed. It is sometimes frustrating, usually exhausting and ALWAYS rewarding! This letter from a recent client will help you understand… Why We Doula.
“I am not sure how many letters like this you receive but I hope it is many and I hope that the volume of gratitude in no way dilutes the message that you are incredible women.
To my amazing Doulas, Despite the fact that no one I knew at the time had even heard the word “Doula” I knew, from my extensive research about natural childbirth, that I needed to have one with me when my child was born. So, immediately after seeing those two lines on the pregnancy test, almost before I even called my own family… I called you. Randy, when we had that first phone conversation, I hung up and called Todd and said, “I am in love with our doula.” Your enthusiasm and love for all women and babies oozed through the phone to me.  I knew that with you on my side, I would be able to have the incredible birth experience I was desiring. The day we met with you both, you handed us a packet of information and said there was no rush for us to make our decision, but after meeting the incredible team of Randy and Debbie,  how could we have ever chosen to share this amazing journey with anyone else? Debbie, Todd and I often reminisce about the amazing day that Margot came fully into our lives and we both say, “what would we have done without Debbie??” Your calm presence and your belief in my strength calmed me and allowed me to be strong.  When I remember that day, before Margot’s first beautiful cries, I hear your voice in my ear telling me, “you can do this.” But, the support you gave to both me and Todd during pregnancy and childbirth does not quite compare to the fact that even though Margot is now six months old, and far more independent than I am ready for, you haven’t stopped supporting me. When I had a pulmonary embolism, you were there for me… When I was freaking out about my vagina, you were there for me… And, Debbie, the compassion you have shown in the face of my upcoming surgery, and the fact that you helped fight for me to have what I needed to cope… it brings tears to my eyes. I turned to Todd after we spoke on the phone and said, “I think every woman in the world needs a LIFE doula.” Thank you both for everything you have given to me and my family. You have made me realize how strong I am, and you have made me proud to be a woman. You have changed my life. And you have made me want to change the lives of other women.  I know that once Margot is older, I will become a Doula. And if I can make one woman in the world feel as lucky as you have made ME feel, I will have been a success in this life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! With all the love in the universe, Alexsis”