If you’re newly pregnant and just looking around for information on giving birth, you might have stumbled upon the concept of having a doula to help you. A doula is someone who provides both emotional and physical support to you during your pregnancy and childbirth. They do not substitute for doctors though, as they are not medical professionals, they do not deliver babies, and cannot provide medical care. 

But what they can do is help you and other pregnant women through this exciting and challenging experience. After all, there are many things that can happen during pregnancy and birth. All those unknowns can get pretty intimidating for first-time moms. And because of that, a lot of them decided to invest in the services of a doula.

In fact, an increasing number of pregnant women hire the services of a doula. From just 3% of moms polled in 2005, the figure has doubled to 6% in a little over 5 years. Some State initiatives are also underway to increase access to the services of a doula and to expand coverage of doula under Medicaid.

So why are women and couples making that decision to have doulas be part of their life transition into becoming a family?

Here are a few compiled reasons why.


Benefits of having a doula

Here are a few things first-time moms and couples can get from having a doula. 

Customized and individualized support

According to plenty of moms, what they appreciated about their doulas was that their doulas took great effort to get to know not only them but their partners also. With so many things happening at once, they really appreciated the care that was tailor-fitted to them, their needs, and their personalities.

Important information

As mentioned above, doulas are a great source of information for first-time moms. And even for moms who have given birth before, they appreciated being reminded of what to expect during labor, breastfeeding, sleeping, and so on. They also liked how explanations about things they asked were simplified for them. And of course, their doulas helped them come up with birthing plans that let them feel they had control over the entire birthing process.


Moms also talked about how their doulas had calm, loving demeanors while talking with them. This helped them relax, even during stressful times during childbirth. And while they were panicking or overthinking, their doulas helped them to calm down and just go with the process. It really helps for moms to just have someone to talk to.

Different periods of the birthing timeline are addressed

Moms appreciated how doulas can perform different roles, depending on their needs. For example, they can provide continuous care during labor, or support for women who are put on bed rest. During labor, doulas can even be the ones to document that special day. They can help out with childcare and the usual household chores. 

There are also those who specialize in postpartum time, supporting the new mom the few weeks after birth. The doulas helped the new moms make the household more organized, serving as guides and mentors in areas such as pumping, sleep training, and postpartum depression. And of course, it was really helpful for the doulas to take over for the new moms so that the moms could get some much-needed sleep.


Drawbacks of having a doula 

While there are numerous benefits to having a doula, there are also some drawbacks experienced by moms or couples that hire the services of a doula. Here’s each drawback, and ways to avoid them.

Mismatched expectations

Some moms have complained that there are some doulas that do not take the time to get to know them and their families. To avoid this, you shouldn’t just rely on the recommendation of your friends and families. They may mean well, but it would be better if you were able to choose your own doula based on your own interactions with them. 

Make sure to talk to different doulas and get to know them also, as much as you can. Encounters with them would provide you with the sense of whether you and your doula are aligned or are compatible, and if you feel safe and secure having her in your inner circle during a vulnerable moment in your life.

Lack of communication with the medical team

Some moms forgot to talk to their doctors to tell them that they would be bringing a doula with them during the birthing process. That has proven to make some health professionals feel territorial. They didn’t take kindly to having another person give their patient advice, which is understandable, because the doctors feel that they know better, and they only want also the best for their patients.

To avoid this particular situation, if you’re planning to get a doula, make sure to talk to your doctor. As the people responsible in ensuring that your baby is delivered safely, and that you have a more positive birthing experience, it is important that they understand each other’s role and primary responsibility during childbirth. 

Emphasize to your doctor that having a doula does not take their place. If you can communicate that well, your doctor will have no problems letting your doula in the hospital room.


Not all moms or couples have the extra funds to hire a doula. That is why it is important that State initiatives to have doulas be part of insurance coverage are supported. Depending on your location and their level of experience, you may need to allot anywhere between $500 to $3,000 for a doula. You may also check out if there are available community-based doulas who will be able to work with you on a limited budget. 

You can also try to find a doula who is just beginning her career as a doula and may be willing to work within your budget to get the experience she needs. Just make sure that doula, even if she’s a beginner, knows her stuff.


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It truly takes a village to raise a child, and the experiences of moms have taught us that doulas were an important part of that community of support. They generally felt safe and secure with the doulas around or within reach. That gave the moms the confidence that they needed as they started their new lives.

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