A familiar face and an organized plan is a breath of fresh air to any new mother.

Whether you’re expecting your labor doula to arrive when you are in labor, or waiting for your postpartum doula to ring your doorbell when you are bringing home baby for the first time, it is a huge relief for new parents to have organized and acommodating support.

When your labor doula arrives, she immediately checks to see that you and your partner are comfortable and confident.

No matter where you choose to give birth or how you choose to do it, it’s part of your doula’s role to affirm and validate your choices. Your doula works cohesively with your care provider (Doctor of Midwife) to help you have the most satisfying birth experience possible.

This isn’t your doula’s first rodeo and while birth may seem nerve wracking for a new mom to be, it’s another great day at the office for the doula. Your experienced doula is ready and waiting to answer questions or concerns you have as they arise; it’s like having your own personal birth and baby encyclopedia.

Your spouse or partner will also be happy to see your doula arrive as she is able to incorporate her experience and skills, which can take a huge weight off of your partners shoulders. To be the main source of comfort for a very uncomfortable mom in labor can pose its challenges for even the best and most loving spouse.

Your doula is prepared to implement comfort measures and work to ease your discomfort during labor.

Once your baby makes their big debut, it may be time for some postpartum help.

Bringing a new baby home can be overwhelming and intimidating. Being on your own with a brand new baby to care for with no prior experience can be scary!

When your postpartum doula arrives, she will spend time talking with you so that she can better understand your parenting style and philosophies and help you build care strategies that align with your desires.

When your postpartum doula walks through the door, you can relax knowing that all of your needs will be met in a nonjudgmental, supportive way.

New parents can be tired from lack of sleep and your postpartum doula can step in as you like so that you may get the rest you desire. Her mission is to comfort and care for your postpartum family in a respectful way as you navigate the first few days of what can be, a crazy new experience! She is cognizant of the fact that she is in YOUR home with YOUR family and will do everything in her power to help create an environment that is comforting and unique to you.

When your doula arrives, she’s there for you, exclusively.

Whatever you may need.