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When Did the Rules Change?


I don’t want to sound like my mother, but things were different when I was a child. As much as I love the advancements my current life offers, there were certain “rules” or practices, which have me longing for the good old days.

When did the rules change and why?

While attending my son Jack’s Confirmation this week, I noticed how much has changed since I went to church as a child.  The content and structure of the mass has recently changed, but what changed the people? The same question applies to other social activities.

When did it become ok to play on your phone or handheld device in church? Before the ceremony, people were in the pews using and talking on their phones. During the ceremony, I noticed several children and adults staring down at the glow of their phones, checking facebook and playing games.  I thought to myself, when did the rules change? 

When I was younger, you were expected to dress a certain way for different functions. Of course you wore a tuxedo or a gown to the prom. For graduation or a church service you dressed respectfully. At the confirmation ceremony, some young adults were dressed like they were going to a nightclub, to the gym or to bed. It was obviously an important event for these people but they showed no respect for the ceremony or the setting.

My older son Matthew was Jack’s sponsor for the confirmation and they were sitting together away from us in a different section of the church. I was able to watch them throughout the ceremony.  What I saw from them was true respect.  They listened and paid attention.  They were respectful of others, but more than anything else, they followed the rules.  They knew it was right.   I was proud of them and I let them know. It was a teaching moment for my husband and I.

Now, I am not saying that we are super parents and my boys are perfect, but we understand that “respect” is important.

Why did rules appear to change? Why is our society becoming less respectful?

Along with “respect” comes “responsibility” and we are all responsible.