Indulge yourself with a prenatal massage 

You may be doing all the preparations that you need while waiting for that long-awaited day of your child birth. As you are nearing the time that you will be able to see your child for the very first time, pamper yourself every once in a while, with a prenatal massage. A prenatal massage can help in reducing inflammation that causes swelling. It can also help increase circulation in your body. Are you feeling aches and pains in your lower back? A prenatal massage can help alleviate that to make you feel much better. For more information about pregnancy tips, check out Northeast Doulas to learn more.  

Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water is good for you, as you go through your pregnancy. For first-time moms, you may need to intake more water as this becomes a part of your amniotic fluid. It is highly recommended to drink around ten cups to eight ounces of water every day. Drinking this much water reduces the risk of dehydration. Staying hydrated can also help in removing toxins that may have built up in your body. It can also help you reduce the swelling in your joints. Northeast Doulas can guide you on what and what not to do during your pregnancy. Learn more from them through their website.  

Put down that cup of coffee… for now

You may be the type who can’t function without their daily cup of coffee. While staying awake and alert is something that coffee can give you, you may need to lay off on coffee intake for a while. You may encounter some health risks if you continue to drink coffee during your pregnancy. As coffee has some side effects, such as a stimulated nervous system, an increase in heart rate, and high blood pressure, these side effects may in turn affect not just you, but your baby as well. It is suggested that you can opt to drink decaffeinated herbal tea, instead. However, before you make any changes to your diet, it is best that you consult with your doctor so as to be properly guided. Northeast Doulas can also help you in your queries about pregnancy. You may reach them through their website for any questions that you may have.  

Hold that pose! Do you daily exercise 

Ah, motherhood! As a first-time mom, you must be pretty excited to go on this new chapter of your life. You are now given the task to take care of your little bundle of joy. While you are all but prepared to give this new role all that you’ve got, you must always remember that taking care of your well-being is as equally as important as taking care of your new born child. All your attention may be focused on making sure that your child is getting the best care that you can give, however, you should also make sure that your body is also able to keep up with the tasks at hand. Staying fit and healthy yourself is a must. Starting with easy exercises can keep your body moving and active. Consult with your doctor for when you will be able to go on your usual workout routine or more rigorous activities. Northeast Doulas can also guide you on ways on how to take care of yourself as you go through your pregnancy journey. Learn more with them by visiting the website.   

Sleep is not for the weak 

Being a first-time mom is not all rainbows and butterflies. More often than not, it is a case of waking up in the middle of the night to the symphony of crying. It is the case of changing diapers and feeding bottles. It is swaying and patting to soothe your precious child so the both of you can get some rest. It is all these and more. While making sure that your child is well taken care of is of utmost importance, you should also make sure that you yourself are well taken care of as well. Getting some much-needed rest whenever you can, is something that you should prioritize. Fatigue can settle in due to your lack of sleep when taking care of your baby. Note that your body is going through changes, such as changes in your hormones, which can affect your energy levels all throughout the day. Catch some quick z’s in between, and make sure that your body is well positioned comfortably on your bed for better sleep. To know more about pregnancy tips for first time moms, visit the Northeast Doulas website for more information.