It’s finally time to meet your newborn and you’ve been dreaming of seeing their perfect face for months.

When they finally get handed to you, they’re not always the “picture perfect” sight you expected.

What is all this cheesy stuff all over my new baby?!

It’s gross!

We ordered ours without the cheese, thanks.

While it can seem pretty unsightly, be thankful it’s there.

The ‘cheese’ or more commonly referred to as vernix, is an important part of protecting your baby inside the womb.


Vernix Caseosa covers a baby’s delicate skin in the womb as it’s developing. The amniotic fluid’s acidity can damage this delicate skin and the Vernix coats the baby and prevents infection. It also keeps a newborn insulated, keeping them at a comfy temperature.


Amniotic fluid would dry out a baby’s sensitive skin if it weren’t for the layer of hydrating Vernix. Your baby would be born a shriveled up raisin if their skin wasn’t constantly being hydrated while in the womb. Think of it as your baby’s first skincare regimine.

Soundproof Studio

It’s pretty noisy to float around in liquid for months, and the Vernix sound proofs a baby’s developing ears. Your baby can hear your voice at around 25 weeks, with their Vernix earmuffs it makes the sound easier on their little ears.

Slippery Exit

With your newborn completely coated in this natural moisturizer, it can even help baby’s grand entrance. Or exit, depending on how you’re looking at it. Vernix can help lubricate the baby’s body making delivery a little bit easier.


There’s no real rush to wipe this stuff off your baby, after all they’ve been wearing this Vernix baby blanket for quite some time now. There’s no need to bathe your little cheesey small fry for the first 24 hours or so, keeping them fighting all the germs in the great outdoors. Although a little strange looking, it’s surprisingly hygienic. Some parents choose to rub in the Vernix for their newborn’s skin to absorb, while others choose to bathe them in a gentle and chemical-free soap.

You may not have expected your baby to show up with all this gunk on them, but that gunk is important!

No judgements here, it’s not always about looks.

Don’t panic when you meet your little burrito for the first time and they come with cheese when you didn’t add it to your order!

Besides, what could be bad about a little unexpected cheese!?