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Valentines Day~Let’s talk About Hate!

It’s Valentines Day! Let’s talk about hate.

Love is the obvious, I mean we see signs of it all around us on Feb. 14th. It’s all over the tv, internet,, malls, even cars in high school parking lots are sprinkled with flowers and balloons. Jerry Patterson and I choose to abstain from this holiday. Not because I don’t love a holiday… for those who know me well, you know I LOVE to celebrate a holiday. We just can’t wrap our heads around being told that Feb. 14th is the day that we should celebrate our undying, passionate love for one another, so we skip it and express our love every single day, instead.

So today, love’s evil twin, “HATE” is what I find myself wanting to write about.

You know they’re twins, right? They are our two most passionate emotions. It’s funny how we mock them with statements like, I love that car and I hate that color, but these twins have tremendous power. They are all consuming and take us to our highest high or our lowest low. True love makes us feel alive and true hate makes us feel like we’re dying inside.

We fight. I mean Jerry and I, we fight. We fight with passion, we’re passionate people in general but we’re in love and that generates more passion. So the fights seem real ugly. We don’t hold back (just like we don’t hold our love back) we say and feel things that hurt our hearts and make me cry. This is how we know we’re alive! It’s important! It’s deep and it’s strong and it moves us. And just when we feel like this fight will destroy us forever, we are overcome by love.

The overwhelming amount of OXYTOCIN (the hormone of love and labor) that is generated by this love cannot be denied. (my kids read this blog so I won’t elaborate on this, but you know where I’m going with this, right…) It feels amazing, we reconnect on a stronger level each time it happens and once again, we are united

So on this day, Valentines Day Feb. 14th 2013, I give myself (and you) permission to feel! Permission to feel it ALL and to know that it is safe to feel it. We are normal and it’s ok! I am reminded once again, that love and hate are twins and that we are not capable of hating someone that we have never loved!