Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
ALL the creatures were stirring but NO Mom and NO spouse.

Earlier that day in the middle of the night,
the phone gave a ring and woke us up with a fright.

Contractions were coming a few minutes apart,
a Doula was needed which meant Mom had to dart.

She softly whispered that it shouldn’t be too long,
but a child of a doula knows such promises are wrong.

The hours passed and the sun rose in the east,
it was Christmas Eve Day, she will be home by two or by noon at the least.

Not to worry, there was work to be done. Let’s clean the house, one for all and all for one.

Will you be home Mom for Christmas Eve mass?
No, and our dinner plans will have to pass.
Not to Merry around our table,
sitting at home, watching movies on cable.

She is sad at the hospital. It’s ten at night.
Lets go to her and light up her lights.

Down the Taconic we drove like a flash,
we ran into the hospital, a hundred yard dash.

Surprise! We whispered in the maternity ward,
hoping no one was cutting the umbilical chord.
There were tears all around and some people would say,
that Debbie cried two gallons of tears that day.

Well, a few minutes from midnight a child was born,
and our Mom would be home for Christmas morn.

It’s the spirit of the season, we give and we share.
A Mom and a baby needed our Mom’s care.

The true meaning of Christmas, a gift without worth.
The sacrifice of parents and the miracle of birth.

Authored By: Phil Aglietti

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