We know that Everyone Poops but when it comes to baby poop, do we really have the scoop?

Imagine you are holding your sweet baby. You are gazing lovingly into his eyes. His eyes glass over and his tiny lip appears to be working its way into a smile. Your heart fills with love, and suddenly you feel a warm vibration in your lap. Out of his tiny ass comes….


Poop… There it is! Poop… there it is! Sing it with me!

Don’t be a party pooper! Keep reading!

Anyway, it sounds like the blast at Chernobyl and you are sure that this newborn size diaper is at capacity. You jump up and get to the changing table. Carefully, with your best “I smell shit face” you open the diaper expecting to see an atrocious elephant sized turd.

But much to your surprise, instead, there is about a teaspoon of gulden’s spicy mustard…

Without hesitation, the words, “What kind of shit is this?” roll off your tongue and your husband comes running. Together, you examine the poop and rush to the world wide web to find out what’s wrong with your kid!

But take a breath new parents! Everything is fine!!!

Your Northeast Doula is here to give you the scoop on poop and ease your mind!

Baby poop Day 1

Your baby’s first couple of bowel movements will likely be thick, greenish-black in color and difficult to remove. It’s called meconium and it is totally normal! This should only last 2-4 days.

In order to remove it from your baby’s bottom, a little olive or coconut oil will help “loosen” that stool! #protip

Baby poop for breastfed babies

For breastfed babies, their poop is considered normal when it’s a mustard yellow, green or brown color. The seeds you’ll find in it are not a result of some snack your baby snuck while you were sleeping but rather a normal part of the pasty texture you can expect. Don’t panic when you see it! It looks like diarrhea but it’s totally normal.

It looks gross but oddly does not smell the way you expect poop to smell!

Baby poop for formula fed babies

For formula fed babies, their poop is typically a shade of yellow or brown and has a pasty consistency that is more like peanut butter. Eww, right? Lol.

Formula-fed babies poop less often, but leave more “behind.”

You’ll also notice that this baby poop has the smell you associate with poop 😉

I was gonna end this blog with a poop joke but it was really crappy….

Authored by: Randy Patterson