It’s already a given fact that the pregnancy stage for a woman is a very delicate and critical moment in her life, that limited movement is being encouraged. Well…that just seems like the normal thing to do for your loved ones, since the mantra is basically: “protect the mom and the baby at all costs!

But… did you know, getting physically active during your pregnancy can also be safe and beneficial for you and may even be encouraged by your doctor? Yes, you’re reading that right! If you’re an exercise junkie prior to your pregnancy days, then you’re in luck because yes, you can still do it, contrary to the hesitation you may be feeling. Perhaps it’s already a known fact, or something you’ve heard before, but we at Northeast Doulas are here to be that added voice of reassurance.

The Perks of Exercising During Pregnancy

So, what’s in it for me? Your inner voice may be whispering to you as you weigh over your options. We all know how your pregnancy hormones can get pretty wacky during this time, and exercising can help boost and stabilize your mood and energy. Moreover, it does come with an added perk of preventing you from excessively gaining weight during this stage, as well as having health benefits like reducing any body pain and discomfort you may feel during your pregnancy, with back pain being the most common one. It can also relieve you of constipation and can help ease you in a comfortable snoozefest!

Great perks! Let’s get moving, baby! But first…some reminders!

Never underestimate your capabilities as a woman, we say! So yes, exercise is safe to do. One bold analogy we can think of is that if… having sex with your partner is still possible even if you’re belly is as big as a balloon, so does exercising! Although…there are certainly some risks that you have to be wary of since it’s truly a delicate moment for you. It is kind of like you can get active, but not too much. It’s all about striking the perfect balance.

We highly recommend you get clearance and advice from your obstetrician or any member of your medical team so that you can have an idea of what type of safe exercise activities you can try.

Mommy and Baby’s Safe To-Do Exercise List

If you’ve been exercising before being pregnant, you can expect some alterations in your routine so it can be safe for you and your growing tiny human. As mothers, we understand the worry you might have for your little one, thinking they may get hurt when you try to bend to reach your toes or do some squats. Don’t worry though, there are tried and tested babyproof exercises you can stick to like walking, stationary biking, modified yoga, and even some fun, water activities like swimming!

At least 30 minutes of sweating will be enough to help you stay fit, and your baby safely cozied up inside the comfort of your uterus.

Postpartum Exercise: The Journey Back to Physical Fitness After Childbirth

Postpartum is the period when your body recovers from childbirth, and believe it or not, it’s also the perfect time to do some muscle work to get back in shape! But of course, you’re going to have to wait for clearance from your medical doctor when you can get started and what kind of exercise activities you can do. Usually, they advise waiting between 6-8 weeks, depending on your birthing experience (whether it’s a vaginal birth or a C-Section).

A postpartum exercise will benefit your physical and mental well-being a lot; it can improve your energy, relieve your stress, boost your mood and energy, lose the extra weight you gained from being pregnant, and most importantly, it can prevent postpartum depression.

Yoga, pilates, kegel exercises, and some light lifting are good starters for you; but be careful not to overexert yourself!

What’s even greater is that if you have a doula by your side, you can have extra assistance and support!

Northeast Doulas: Your Voice of Reassurance During Your Pregnancy Journey

Here at Northeast Doulas, we are here as your added voice of reassurance and support. We are here as your companions so you can have a smooth-sailing, speedy recovery. After all, that’s what we, doulas, do; we take care of you and your well-being during such a delicate moment in your life.