It’s been 40+ weeks

It’s been 40+ weeks and the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. You are taking your baby home!

You put that carefully chosen, adorable first outfit from the baby shower on your baby, you neurotically buckle him or her into the car seat, you sign the last of the discharge papers, you hop (gently) into the wheelchair and head to your car. With your husband walking along side you, arms loaded with flowers, suitcases and birth ball, you think to yourself, Thank G-d our Postpartum Doula is meeting us at home!

If you’re anything like I was, you look into the backseat and as your husband pulls the car away from the hospitals curb, you think to yourself, I can’t believe they are letting us take this baby! Do they know that we don’t know the first thing about taking care of this kid?!?!

You slowly and carefully make the long drive home and there she is… Your Postpartum Doula! She arrived a few minutes before you and is sitting in a chair on your front porch. She welcomes you home with her genuine and calming smile and you are so proud to show her your little pride and joy.

She helps you in with your things and just as you get settled, your baby is ready to nurse. Your Doula is well versed in breastfeeding and un-intrusively helps you and your baby latch properly. As she affirms what a great job you are doing, she heads into the kitchen to prepare you a cup of tea and some lunch. Sound too good to be true?! It is not! This is the service that you can expect when hiring a Postpartum Doula from Northeast Doulas.

Our Doulas can be with you during daytime hours, overnight hours or a combination of both. Our Doulas are even available for live in care if that is what you find your need to be. Northeast Doulas is committed to enhancing your postpartum experience by creating a peaceful environment where you can recover (physically and emotionally) from giving birth and comfortably bond as a family.