With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the stress of it all is inching closer and closer. Perfecting the menu, making sure the house is in order, creating the guest list, the list goes on.

that is all before the actual holiday… 

…where a whole slew of new stresses are sure to present themselves.

Now imagine the stresses of Thanksgiving with a brand new baby.

Arriving at Thanksgiving Dinner with a brand new addition to the family should be something new parents can enjoy, not something that drowns them in stress and anxiety. As experts in the Postpartum Period and we put together a few tips to keep new parents on track to have the Happiest of Holidays.

1. Plan Ahead
Have a conversation with your partner ahead of time. Talk about how you’re feeling as the big day approaches, and together paint a picture of what you envision Thanksgiving Day to play out. You two should be pros at this after writing an executing your Birth Plan 😉

2. Ask For Help
It can be overwhelming to have your entire family fussing over your new bundle of joy. Heartwarming. But also overwhelming. Asking a close family member to be on your ‘team’ for the day can make situations a bit easier when you start to feel overwhelmed. A sibling could be good for this role, someone who can gently remind the rest of the family about the fragility of the postpartum period if need be.

3. Secure a Quiet Zone
Seriously. Alone time is crucial. Secure a quiet room that you can use to quietly slip away if it starts to feel too much. Having these short and sweet moments to bond with your baby quietly can really help balance out the rest of the chaos Holiday Festivities can bring.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be thankful for every moment. Happy Thanksgiving from Northeast Doulas!