Our Testimonials

Jodie – Beacon, NY

Throughout my pregnancy, Debbie and Cathy were a constant source of comfort, information, and support. Every step of the way, they each took the time to understand us as a couple. In doing so, they were able to provide individualized support to help us prepare for the arrival of our baby. This was our first child, so we were intimidated by all of the unknown. We didn’t know, what we didn’t know. The ability to make a call or even send a text to Debbie and Cathy allowed us to relax deeper into the process and enjoy our preparations. At delivery, Debbie swooped in gracefully and seamlessly integrated into the flow of what had already been occurring for so many hours. Her respect and appreciation of the nurses and doctors was evident. Yet she filled in a void that had been thus far missing. Debbie immediately offered physical and emotional support to both my partner and myself. She guided my partner in ways to support me as contractions intensified. Throughout the very long evening, my partner was able to get much needed rest to restore her energy for delivery in the morning. I was comforted in a way that I could not have expected with Debbie by my side. All through the night, she nurtured and cared for me. I had strong reactions to the epidural, fluctuating blood pressure, and the baby was in distress at various points. Had Debbie not been there with her calm and loving demeanor, I would have been terrified. As the day broke, my delivery progressed and the room quickly shifted into a very different tone... let’s have a baby! Debbie was able to capture all the precious and nuanced moments of delivery in photographs. The candid snapshots of welcoming our son into the world are spectacular. For me, I wasn’t able to see the perspectives that were captured, so it brought an entirely new element of the labor and delivery.   With those vivid images, I’m able to relive the spectacular moments again and again. Debbie is cemented into our hearts forever. She still checks in with us to see how we are doing and how our son is doing. The support and love didn’t stop at delivery. We know that we will cherish this relationship for many years to come.

Providing Professional Doula Services to Families in Greenwich, Westchester & NYC for Over 18 years!

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