Ahh. Father’s Day. The bright summer sun, the smell of the grill sizzling, the sound of the kids splashing in the pool.

Father’s Day is a day that celebrates the contribution that fathers, and father figures, make for their children. 

You may be looking to facilitate a fun filled day of activities to celebrate and acknowledge the great man your kids call Dad.

After 20+ years of Father’s Day activities with my husband and my girls, I am here fill you in on some essentials to ensure you and your children give dad a great Father’s Day!

1. Close the door!

I am pretty sure that as soon as a man becomes a father he becomes obsessive and controlling over all HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) systems. WHY?! Is it because he wants to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality for his family? Is it because he has adopted the practice of being extremely frugal in spending money? Is it that it simply brings him joy to be in control of it?

I honestly don’t know. All I know is that you should close the door. You should also make sure that your kids know to close the door. Do not leave the door open. This is very serious.

2. Turn off the lights!

Again, I can’t say for sure why this is a thing. But this is also very important. Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect the conservation of energy but I also like to be able to see things. Make sure you and your kids flip the switch on the way out of each room. Try to make it a habit. It’s a small thing that Dad will appreciate.

3. Ask your Mother! 

You may have read that in the tone of the father of your children’s voice. Kids are smart and we all know that they are strategic in which parent they ask depending on what the question is. But there’s no beating around the bush for dad. He will straight up say, “Ask your mother!”. Make sure your kids know that there will be NO asking of Dad ANY kinds of questions on this Father’s Day. Note: He will thank you for this.

4. Replace the roll!

The fact that women use so much toilet paper is just as puzzling to men as a majority of this post has been for women. Unfortunately women were not gifted with the ability to ‘shake it off’ after using the restroom. We require a decent amount of toilet paper squares (depending on the consistency and absorbency of said toilet paper) per trip to the bathroom. Once a month, we may require more squares. Be considerate of your beau and replace the roll.

We don’t always understand why the ones we love do the things they do but it doesn’t stop us from loving them. By following these simple guidelines your Father’s Day with your family will be set up for success.