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Northeast Doula in Rye, NY can offer you a stress free birthing experience. We offer services such as postpartum doula, labor doula, placenta encapsulation, and more! Reach out to our dedicated team today to learn more!
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We’ve listed down some of the most commonly asked questions for your convenience. Got more questions that did not make the list? Send us a message and we’d be happy to answer them for you too!

We offer 3 types of support at Northeast Doulas.  Labor Support, Postpartum Support, and Placenta Encapsulation.  Please contact us for more information on the service you are looking for.
Even if you have a midwife as your primary care to deliver your baby and care for you and your baby during pregnancy, labor, and after the birth, having a doula is an important ingredient that you may need to offer support, guidance, and practical help throughout your childbirth and beyond.
For women who have decided to have a medicated birth, one of the benefits from a birth doula is providing you support through your early labor and administration of the epidural. Doulas work alongside mothers after the epidural is in to keep interventions down to a minimum.
Choosing your birth doula is an extremely personal decision. As you make this decision, we will set an appointment for you to get to know your chosen doula team.  That chosen team will be on call for you throughout your pregnancy.  When it comes to delivery time, one of the doulas from your team will be by your side.
Hiring a labor doula in RYE, NY will absolutely not make your partner feel left out. Doulas desires to come alongside your partner and help them comfort, encourage, refresh, and sustain you throughout your labor. A doula will simply aid your partner in being the best they can be during your birthing time.
Doulas and midwives are very similar. However, midwives provide medical care for you during your pregnancy, birth, and immediate postpartum period while a doula provide you and your partner emotional, informational, and physical support during your labor.
Yes, you can! As we have two types of doulas: Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas. A birth doula provides support during your actual labor and birth, a postpartum doula provides non-medical support in the important days and weeks following delivery.
Our non-judgmental and professionally trained doulas can help with any kind of birth, whether you’re planning an unmedicated birth, an epidural, an induction, or caesarean.
YES! Hiring a doula in RYE, NY for birth is important for all births.  We have supported mom’s having their second, third and even fourth babies.
Yes!  Overnight support is our most popular type of post care.  Our clients have found that with a good night of sleep makes them feel energized and able to care for the baby during the day.
An increased access to doula care, especially in under-sourced communities, can improve a range of health outcomes for mothers and babies, lower healthcare costs, reduce c-sections, decrease maternal anxiety and depression, and help improve communication between low-income, racially/ethnically diverse pregnant women and their health care providers.

Ask and let us get you started on a plan that works for you!

As your partner is surely with you every step of the way, they may not always know what they can do to help. That is why you should hire a doula from Northeast Doulas to talk you through the pregnancy and birthing process and help you outline your partner’s role in your journey.
Nurses will come and go, doctors and midwives come towards the end to catch the baby, but a doula is a familiar, trusted person that can help you birth your baby. By having the doula by your side for each contraction we help you have the most empowering birthing experience regardless of the outcome.
If you’re interested in finding the right doula in RYE, NY, call Northeast Doulas.  The first step is an intake call.  After that call we match you with the perfect doula.  At that point you will have the opportunity to speak with them and set up an in-person interview.
Most doula-client relationships begin a few months before the baby is due. During this period, you may develop a relationship where you are free to ask questions, express your fears and concerns, and take an active role in creating your birth plan. Doulas are here to help our clients gain a better understanding of the procedures and possible complications in late pregnancy or delivery.
Choosing Northeast Doulas in RYE, NY means also gaining another trusting and loving member of your birth team. Our doulas are serving families at the most magical and amazing time in their lives. Our doulas are reliable and knowledgeable with all your needs before and after a woman’s pregnancy and childbirth.
Immediate support and assistance from Northeast Doulas in RYE, NY can begin as soon as you get home with your new baby. We will provide the best doulas according to your plan or budget. Our packages are specially curated for each family
Doulas are not the same thing as a midwife as midwives provide medical care during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period whereas a doula provides you and your family with emotional, informational and physical support at different stages of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.
Doulas will provide invaluable support not just for birthing women but also their partners, children, and families too. Having your health care team with a trusted doula gives you the opportunity to rest, reflect, and care for yourself. Doulas gives judgment-free advice and encouragement for new parents without any relational baggage that family members might bring in.
Our recommendation is to hire a doula to support both you and your partner. We find that unless the partner has been trained, being the doula to someone you are emotionally attached to, poses certain challenges.
Doulas will not have any agenda and will only offer non-judgmental support on all kinds of births. A doula’s job is to help you make choices that are right for you. Different doulas will have different specialties and are trained to support all births –  hospital, with midwives, doctors, medication free or with pain medication, vaginal or caesarean.
For mothers who choose to encapsulate their placenta, the encapsulation process typically occurs immediately after birth (initiated within 24 hours after birth) and the postpartum parent starts to ingest their placenta within a few days. If the client needs to delay the process, that is not a problem.  The placenta will be moved into the freezer until the night before the service begins.
One of the benefits of placenta encapsulation includes a decrease in postpartum mood disorders, increased production of oxytocin, a decrease in stress hormones, restoration of iron levels following bleeding after childbirth, and increased milk supply.
Yes, we offer placenta encapsulation services in Greenwich, CT! Please contact our office for more information.
Placenta encapsulation is a process where a whole placenta is transformed into pills that can be taken postpartum. The placenta is loaded with vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and iron which makes it good for your body to consume, especially postpartum.
In the placenta encapsulation process by Northeast Doulas, the placenta is cleaned, steamed, dehydrated, grounded into a powder and safely sealed in vitamin-sized capsules.
Yes!  Our Placenta Encapsulation Specialists are trained and certified in placenta encapsulation, as well as OSHA certified
Northeast Doulas provides instructions to the client on how to properly store the placenta.
We offer this service in your home.  We want you to be assured that your placenta is being processed in the safest most sanitary way.
Your placenta encapsulation specialist will provide you will the instructions on consuming your placenta upon completion of the service.
If you experience any side effect which is caused by your remedies, please stop taking them immediately.
Yes, we offer thorough placenta encapsulation services in Rye, NY. Please contact Northeast Doulas for more information.
Doctors and nurses are always often happy to have doulas working with them. Medical care providers are watching out for so many aspects of the mother’s and baby’s clinical care and may not be able to provide the emotional support a woman may desire in labor just like a doula does.
We offer continued support to the whole family even after the contract is completed. We are happy to answer any questions and we encourage continued support.
Doulas are very supportive in all kinds of births. Even so if you didn’t want a natural birth, a doula is incredibly important especially if you are a first-time mother who needs help and assistance in navigating birthing methods and want to get extra physical, emotional, and mental support.