Let’s get one thing out of the way: giving birth naturally is not easy, can last a long time, and can be very painful. That means the more you can do for yourself to ease the burden, the better. 

One of these things is getting an epidural. An epidural gives you anesthesia that makes you feel numb from your belly button all the way to your upper legs. But while you may feel numb, you’ll still be awake and alert during the birthing process and lets you feel when it’s time to push and give birth.

Another thing you can do for yourself is to get the services of a doula, like one from us at Northeast Doulas. 

Now you might be thinking about why you need a doula when you already have an epidural to help you out and relieve your pain. Well, to summarize, our doulas provide you with support before, during, and after you give birth in many different ways. We promise you that you’ll appreciate this particular support way more than the epidural.

In fact, let’s look at some specific reasons why you should hire Northeast Doulas even if you plan to have an epidural.


1. A doula can help you prepare for birth.

Even before the labor starts, our doula can do prenatal visits. She’ll get to know you, your partner, and your family, and ultimately find out the type of support that you prefer and will find helpful.

During these visits, she’ll also be able to answer your questions about what to expect in early labor, what usually happens at the hospital, what the different stages of labor are, and so much more.

And as she gives you information, she will help decrease your fears of the unknown and help you make informed decisions about birthing options.


2. A doula can provide you support even before you arrive at the hospital.

Labor doesn’t start at the hospital with doctors and nurses surrounding you. It usually starts at home! 

That means that prior to you getting an epidural, it means you’ll be experiencing plenty of pain already. That’s where our doula can come in and help you. She will provide you with both comfort and reassurance that everything is going well until the time you and your partner are ready to go to the hospital.


3. A doula can comfort you before, during, and after the epidural.

If you know or feel that you have low pain tolerance, then by all means, really get an epidural. That way, you’ll get pain relief and be able to give a better effort in terms of pushing during the labor.

However, an epidural, while helping you with pain, isn’t the only thing you’ll need. After all, it only addresses the physical pain you feel. What about when you’re faced with negative thoughts while you undergo labor? 

Likely, you’ll feel very alone as you go through the pain – after all, it’s only happening in your body.

But with a doula, you won’t have to feel alone. She can give you reassuring words, water, help with movement, and even stay with you as your partner takes care of the administrative stuff in the hospital.

And usually, the hospital will let your doula into the labor room. That way, you’ll really feel like you’re with someone you know and feel more comfortable, not just surrounded by unfamiliar people and big machines. 

Plus, not all doctors and nurses will have good bedside manners during that time. At least with a doula, you’ll really feel that someone is concerned for you and your child’s well-being. 


4. A doula can help you relax.

Even if you won’t feel pain because of the epidural, that won’t translate to having less anxiety. You’ll still feel something – and that might make you feel concerned. 

But more than being there for you, a doula is well-experienced in helping you (and even your partner, if they’re there with you) find ways to relax and have a birth experience that is nothing but positive.

For example, she can coach you through relaxing breathing and visualizations or even provide hands-on comfort like massages or holding your hand. 

In short, while the priority of the doctors and nurses is to keep you and your baby medically safe and well, one of the doula’s priorities will be to keep you relaxed and feeling good the whole time.


5. A doula can help you position yourself well during labor.

When we watch births in TV shows and movies, moms are usually just lying down, so we assume that it’s the same in real life. 

Well, contrary to those shows, your positioning can actually have a huge effect on how the whole birthing process goes.

For example, if you give birth in an upright position, there are different benefits than if you give birth squatting or lying down. 

But the one thing to take note of is that once the epidural is administered to you, you will have a hard time moving around!

But if you have a doula, there’s no need to worry. She can help you with your positioning even while you stay in bed. She’s trained for that, whether it involves using a peanut ball, pillows, or even just being something you can push off on just to move.


6. A doula can interpret for you during labor.

Sometimes, your health provider will ask you something but it will be in their lingo, which can be confusing, especially since you’re tired and you have an epidural. The doula can be your interpreter and help you simplify what they’re saying. That way, you’ll never feel that you’re in the dark about procedures.


7. A doula is your immediate help after the baby is born.

Once you have given birth, the immediate concern of the doctors will be the expulsion of the placenta and that you’re not bleeding. Your partner and the nurses will be busy taking care of the baby.

What about you?

Well, the doula will be there for you! She can help you facilitate skin-to-skin contact with your baby for breastfeeding and also help you with practical support, like managing the flow of visitors, or getting you that treat as a reward for a labor well done.


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The motherhood journey is one that’s very important. Let us be there for you.