Having a baby is typically accompanied by a fair share of questions and uncertainties.

Even if you’ve been down this road before, you might be feeling a little hopeless as your due date approaches. You may be worried or even anxious about bringing a new little one home.

Even with tons of reading and researching, there are still topics you may be cautious to discuss in your group Childbirth Education classes or even when you meet with your birth team.

Many women feel awkward mentioning certain topics that pertain to their bodies, with people they don’t know, and that’s completely normal!

Holding back questions that you are uneasy about, can lead to more fear, more concern and more anxiety. All of which are unnecessary! So…

What are some questions to NEVER ask your doula?


Nothing is off limits.

Instead of being nervous to ask, this is the opportunity to get in touch with your body, your needs, and your birth choices, ensuring you, your mind and your body are as prepared as possible to birth your baby.

Your birth and postpartum recovery can be an experience where you become attuned to the changes of your body.

From the very beginning, your doctors appointments can feel blurred and overwhelming. Although you are able to pick up the basics, there is often something you think of when you get in the car that you forgot to ask or something that you didn’t understand. Your doula is there to fill in the blanks and answer the questions that you have about ANYTHING; the process of having a baby, recovering afterward and anything in between.

Are they able to answer THAT?

Your doula is a professional with plenty of expertise under her belt. She’s seen a little bit of everything; family life, relationships and emotional care are just some of the areas that you may have questions or concerns about. Your doula offers answers tand support to these questions in an unbiased way, where you can feel confident and free from judgement. 

Asking your doula questions about your pregnancy, birth or postpartum period also encourages a better relationship between you and your doula. This allows us to better care for you and personalize your support to your unique needs.

No two families are the same and asking questions will help you feel more open and connected to your birth team.

No question is too small or too large.

So ask away!

Your doula’s role is to offer education for parents as well as judgement free support for your family and your new baby. Our philosophy is simple and straightforward, we offer our services to help families feel comfortable, confident, prepared and supported through every phase of parenting.