I am your inner voice. Why do you sometimes not listen to me? I am here to protect you and when you listen to me, you feel safe, secure and most importantly, confident.

Remember when you were in 10th grade and I told you not to copy your friend’s homework assignment and you did it anyway? You not only got yourself in trouble, but she got in trouble too? Remember how ashamed you felt? I, your inner voice, told you so….

Remember the very next year, 11th grade? You were in “love” with Paul. I was constantly screaming at you that he was a flirt and that he was no good for you. He talked to EVERY girl he could and you wasted your entire junior year on him. You waited with your phone in hand day in, day out waiting for him to ask you to the prom. You even said no when Scott asked you thinking you were going to be Paul’s date. Remember how lonely and miserable you felt when Paul went with Michelle and YOU stayed home? I, your inner voice, told you so…

How bout when you were 24 and you were offered that job in California and I told you that being that far away from your family wasn’t comfortable for you. Remember? I told you that your family was more important to you than a business decision! Why wouldn’t you listen to me? You were completely overwhelmed at the going away party and the day you got on that plane, you were an emotional wreck! You lasted 3 weeks in California! Why wouldn’t you listen to me?!?! I, your inner voice, told you so…

Remember when you met Tim? Remember how I said, “YES, This is the right man for you?” Remember how Tim proposed to you and you melted in his embrace because I told you it was right? Remember feeling safe and secure and confident? I, your inner voice, told you so…

Remember when you pulled up in front of that house? Remember knowing that you would live there and raise a family there? Remember how you felt when you opened the door and crossed that threshold for the first time? Remember how you could imagine yourself standing in the kitchen, making coffee in the morning and lunch in the afternoon? That was ME, your inner voice! I was telling you YES! You listened and it made sense and it felt right!

And now, you are with child.

WE are with child. We will have many decisions to make and people will try to “help” us.

They will encourage you to ignore me and they will want to lead you away from me in a direction that is best for them.

You will be afraid.

You will not go willingly but if you feel weak, you will follow them.

You must stay strong and you must remember that you are strongest when you are well aligned with me.

So listen to me now. Allow ME and no one else to make choices for you!

Gather knowledge and information, study it and listen to ME, your inner voice, as I guide you.

Remember that I know you, I understand you and I know what is best for you, for after all…. I AM YOU.

Authored By: Randy Patterson