New mom in Westchester seeking same for coffee dates, maintaining sanity and finding some normalcy in an otherwise stressful life called… parenting young children.

I’m new to this parenting thing and seek a friend who is also tired of trying to figure it out alone.

After leaving corporate America to pursue motherhood, I’m finding that burping, tending to my sore nipples and finding my way in the complex world of mom-shaming, leave me in need of a friend.

If you too, need affirmation, comradery, mental stimulation, a shoulder to cry on, a thought-provoking conversation, a mom’s night out, a shopping trip with strollers, lunch on Greenwich Avenue, and someone who just makes you laugh so hard you cry, I’m your girl.

Allergic to nuts, boredom, and judgmental bitches.


Becoming a mom is no joke!

If you were writing a bio that started with…

New mom seeking….

What would it say???