Dig a little deeper

You, a friend and a cup of coffee. You called her, you made the arrangements to meet up with her. You fit it into your schedule.

WHY? What do you hope to get from it? Will you make it worth the time you give it?

What happens next is dependent upon what the two of you are willing to do. It is dependent upon how much you trust each other and how compatible you are as friends. Will the focus of this coffee outing be “lists”? You know what I mean….

How’s your mom?

What are the kids up to?

What are you doing for the holidays?

Are you going away this summer?


Will you become part of the “I know how to turn a cup of coffee into an awesome afternoon, club”? Will you let yourselves connect? Will you let your walls down and be vulnerable, honest, DEEP?! I don’t mean share your innermost secrets or thoughts (unless you want to) but will you make it meaningful?

I am passionate! I feel like a “list” cup of coffee is a waste of my time. I leave one of those, feeling a decrease in my energy levels.

I need to talk about feelings! shortcomings! victories! I need to be pissed off or really excited. I need to laugh my ass off or give up a couple of tears. I need to inspire AND be inspired.

A one sided coffee outing, where you give more than you get feels shitty too! It’s not fair to spill it, I mean really dig deep and spill it and get back little fragments of aww, that’s wonderful… that’s terrible… that’s too bad… GIVE BACK LADIES! Don’t be afraid. What could happen? She’s your friend. You wanted to drink this cup with her so please, open up. Share your stories with passion and honesty. Look each other deep in the eyes, don’t judge each other and just let go! It will be the best cup of coffee you ever had!

I take mine with milk and sugar 🙂

Authored By: Randy Patterson