I don’t like to eat a cupcake from a bake sale when I don’t know who made it! I haven’t seen their kitchen and don’t know if it’s clean enough for me to consume something prepared there. Never mind my placenta!

We all have a standard of cleanliness that we live by. The people closest to me will tell you that my standards are extremely high. A sponge in my sink can easily gross me out after a small handful of days but for someone else, it my not occur to them for weeks to replace it.

The idea of someone coming to the hospital to pick up the placenta (which is an organ, by the way) that I just birthed, bring it to their home (which I have never seen) dehydrate it, crush it and encapsulate it, is well beyond my comfort zone.

What I do know for sure is that ANYTHING prepared for sale, for human consumption MUST be prepared in a Board Of Health approved kitchen OR the kitchen of the person consuming it.

Some IMPORTANT things to consider when contemplating


1)   How will your placenta be transported? The only acceptable answer to this is that YOU will transport it to YOUR home. I am not certain of exactly what the legal repercussions are of driving your car with someone else’s body organs in it is, but I’m sure they are not good. There is a standard for transporting body organs and most encapsulation specialists do not work within that standard. Be safe, transport it yourself.

2)   Where will it be prepared? YOUR placenta should only be  prepared for you in YOUR home. This will eliminate any concern about potential “mix-ups” that might lead to you receiving another clients “finished product”.

3)   Who will prepare it? Is she from a reputable agency? How much experience does she have? Can you speak to some previous clients that she served?

4)   Will there be a professional contract outlining expectations for you to review and sign? You will likely want this service done quickly once your baby has been born. Signing a contract with a reliable professional will guarantee availability for you for this time sensitive process. It will also outline the encapsulation specialist’s responsibilities as well as the clients.

5)   Will I ever be able to utilize my kitchen utensils without thinking about my placenta again? Absolutely! Your professional encapsulation specialist will bring all of her own sanitized equipment with her. She won’t even use a single paper towel that she hasn’t brought with her. She will leave your kitchen in the exact order she found it in and with the exception of the pills themselves, you will never even know the was a placenta in your home!

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Authored by: Randy Patterson