Postpartum moms are often looking for a way to speed up their recovery, get their pre-baby bodies back and gain a general sense of wellness. Usually, this process is easier said than done… Now, these postpartum moms are trying to balance life at home, work, newborn care and adding some fitness into their routine is difficult to stick to.

We found a perfect solution that matches the needs described by new mothers in the Baby Burn Fitness program based out of Mahopac, New York. Baby Burn Fitness is designed specifically for post-baby moms looking for some fitness motivation and encouragement to get them in the best physical and emotional state they can be. Each woman’s postpartum journey is different and Baby Burn Fitness tailors the experience to assist mothers at a variety of stages of the healing process.

We asked Victoria Segrave, of Baby Burn Fitness, to give us some more insight about the way they help postpartum moms restore and rejuvenate themselves while balancing emotional and physical wellness to enhance their state of mind.

What are the top reasons a postpartum mom would benefit from Baby Burn Fitness?

We have something at Baby Burn Fitness called FAMES! It stands for Friendship, Acceptance, Motivation, Encouragement, and Support.

I’m a firm believer that individuals are more inclined to change their behaviors when they’re surrounded by others who can relate to them, support them and encourage them. It helps the individual know they aren’t alone. When you have that type of environment, it gives an individual the positivity and hope they are searching for.

At Baby Burn Fitness we do all of that!

We remind women that they aren’t alone in dealing with weight loss, depression, motherhood, health, or balance of the house and other responsibilities.

A big area that Baby Burn Fitness focuses on is supporting moms with postpartum depression. FAMES are key elements in the program that can help women who are struggling.

“Mothers with postpartum depression tend to interact less with their babies and are less likely to breastfeed, play with, and read to their children. They may also be inconsistent in the way they care for their newborns. [1]. “

Getting out with your newborn at Baby Burn Fitness takes steps to interacting more with your little one. You have a full hour of doing something great for yourself while spending quality time singing, playing and introducing your child to other kids and the outdoors.

How can a Baby Burn Fitness routine help mothers struggling with Postpartum Depression?

Leaning on others for support has also been shown to help the symptoms of PPD. It’s common to feel alone and exhausted after giving birth. Baby Burn Fitness strives to provide an environment of togetherness and acceptance.

Women who are part of the program support each other through every step of motherhood and give their support when they can. After class is a time for chatting with the other moms and letting the kids play while getting to know each other. The friendships that have formed and the support that has come through Baby Burn Fitness are truly incredible and heartwarming to witness.

In 2008, a team from Pennsylvania State University looked at the links between exercise, body image satisfaction, and postpartum depression. They gathered information from 230 pregnant women three times during pregnancy and at six weeks postpartum.

They found that depression and body image satisfaction were main determinants of later depression in pregnancy and postpartum.

When can a postpartum mom start to take your classes? Is it longer if she’s had a cesarean section?

Women can start exercising with Baby Burn Fitness classes anywhere from six to eight weeks after birth. However, a doctor must clear the new mom for exercise. Because a cesarean section takes a bit longer to recover from, Baby Burn Fitness requires that you be 8 weeks postnatal with your doctors’ clearance.

Baby Burn Fitness encourages women at all stages of fitness to come and take the class to the best of their abilities. Combining being outside as much as we can, walking, jogging and full body toning exercises, you’ll reap the benefits of mood boosting hormones.

Do you have to wait for a new session to begin before you can start the program?

Not at all! Our classes are continuous, so waiting to begin is never an issue. We have a new schedule coming out this fall. We will have our Baby Burn classes which is our signature total body conditioning and toning workout. We will also have Barre classes and a Post Natal Abdominal and Pelvic Floor class.

Monday at       9:30 am Baby Burn

Tuesday at       9:30 am Barre

Wednesday at 9:30 am Baby Burn

Thursday at      9:30 am Barre

Friday at           9:30 am Baby Burn

Saturday at      9:30 am Baby Burn, 11:00 am Abdominals

What does this program cost?

Your first class is always free. We encourage you to try out a class without any pressure to commit. After you fall in love with the classes, we have a variety of affordable membership options. All pricing information can be found conveniently online.

What are moms saying about Baby Burn Fitness classes?

“An amazing class to help be active with the kids and get in great shape. Plus, Victoria is so patient with the kids and you don’t feel like you need to leave because they are crying!” -Rachel

” Today I began my journey towards being fit and healthy once again with baby Beckham by my side. Victoria, our baby burn trainer was positive, motivating and supportive during our hour long intense workout. I pushed myself physically and mentally today. I look forward to the next class where I will continue to build and work at reaching my personal fitness goals. Anyone needing a jump start pre or post pregnancy, this is the place! And the other moms and their children in the class ROCK” -Lisa

“I have a new appreciation for moms and dads who run with strollers! Victoria was amazing and supportive throughout the class. You are able to engage in all of the tasks but can modify or go at your own pace. I will definitely be sore but it was worth it! Can’t wait for the next class.” -Lindsay

We are excited to learn how these amazing classes can help moms at any stage of postpartum recovery regain their confidence. It’s important for moms to feel great and be healthy as they’re transitioning to life with a new baby. Wellness begins from the inside out and Baby Burn Fitness starts there and creates a support system of healthy and driven moms.