Parenting our children… By far, the most responsibility EVER bestowed upon us.

AND… there is no training, certifying, licensing etc. required for this all consuming position.

We do the best we can, we do it based on what is morally and ethically important to us and we do our best to avoid judgment from others along the way.

When I came across this blog post this morning, I wanted to share it because it speaks directly to the concept of deliberate parenting. if you know me, being deliberate in parenting (and everything else for that matter) is extremely important to me and I hope to add a bit of inspiration to the lives of my readers.

Rules Without Relationships Breeds Rebellion

is worth a read today. However, I encourage you not to “just” read it. I hope you will consider it, contemplate it, discuss it, tweak it to fit your style and most importantly, share it with your parenting partner!

Authored By: Randy Patterson