The role of doulas has been prevalent since the good old days when home birth was quite the norm; a woman in labor would ask a female family member or friend to stay with her for support and guidance as she pushes the baby out with all her might…though back in the days, they didn’t know what the whole thing was called.

So, now you’re probably thinking: how did the word and concept of being a doula come to be? It’s quite fascinating to trace back the beginning, don’t you think so? Based on what we’ve found, the term doula is actually coined by an empowered lady named Dana Raphael back in 1976, and has its origins tracing all the way back to Ancient Greece where it means “a female slave” or “a woman who serves”.

Nowadays, a doula is referred to as a professionally trained woman who specializes in providing emotional support, educational support, and physical support for expecting women, beginning from the early stages of their pregnancy up until their postpartum period… and they’re definitely not a female slave, but a woman of support and service!

With the rise of hospital birth and more women seeking birth support during modern times, professional doulas became a thing. They rose in popularity back in the 70s and 80s, especially when the case for caesarian sections started increasing. Eventually, doulas branched out to a variety of types such as the birth doulas and the postpartum doulas.

Birth or labor doulas are known to guide, provide support, and educate expecting mothers throughout the whole or remainder of their pregnancy journey; they are with you while you’re giving birth. They provide knowledge and information about your birth plan and walk you through your options without any judgment.

Meanwhile, postpartum doulas are the ones who provide support and education to the new mom right after giving birth. It’s a very critical time as well since having a newborn can be quite overwhelming, and having an ally in the guise of a doula, can help lessen postpartum cases.


Why Have People Chosen To Hire a Doula?

The reasons may vary from family to family, but the most common reason usually falls under seeking an extended form of support. The whole process of childbirth, from the beginning of pregnancy up to post-pregnancy, can be quite overwhelming, which leads to expecting parents seeking additional help and support from professionals.

Although an expecting mother can lean on her partner for moral support mostly, the ones that a trained professional doula can provide is beyond the emotional aspect, but as well as touching the physical and educational aspects, which are just as important in what you’re going through.

You can think of your doula as your personal Siri, Alexa, or Google who can provide you with everything you may need to know about your whole pregnancy journey!

Why Do People Still Choose To Hire a Doula?

During this modern age and time, it’s actually surprising to learn how many women in the United States are choosing to hire a doula, especially during birth and even the postpartum period.

Studies and reports have actually shown how hiring a doula have created a positive birth experience for many women and even their partners.

Why Should I Choose To Hire a Doula?

And so we arrive at the moment of making a decision. So you’re probably thinking at this moment: Why should I hire a doula? What would I get out of it? Do I really need to hire one?

A lot of benefits actually await you and your baby if you choose to hire a doula… like having a trained professional in your corner to give you that emotional support you never knew you needed during one of the most intense and life-changing moments of your life.

Given their empathetic nature and background, a doula can also help take the pressure off of your partner as they are also affected by what you’re going through; it’s pretty much a win-win situation, don’t you think?

Reports have also shown how hiring a doula can lower birth risks, such as lesser usage of epidurals and reduced cases of c-sections.


Why Choose Northeast Doulas?

Here at Northeast Doulas, we are a team of passionate, empowered women who take pride in our mission of passing on the empowerment to all the mothers out there. We deeply care about the most important moments in your life, such as your journey to motherhood. From your birthing needs up until the postpartum period, we are ready to walk with you in your journey; as we always say, you do not have to go through it alone.

You can count on Northeast Doulas to carry some of your load and make each waking moment with your newborn something to look forward to.

Currently, we are happy to provide support for families in the Greenwich, Westchester, Fairfield, and New York City areas. You are more than welcome to contact us anytime you may need us. Feel free to head on to our website to make a booking.