What does a labor doula do? 

Doulas are professionals who are with you in every step of the way during childbirth. Depending on your needs, they can either be antepartum doulas, labor doulas, and postpartum doulas. For labor doulas, they are experts who will take care of you throughout the labor process. Some of the tasks that they do are helping you in getting the proper nutrition that you need in order to stay healthy for childbirth. Feeling uncomfortable? Doulas can help you get into the right position to help ease the strenuous feeling that you are experiencing. Taking it up a notch into making your very pregnant self feel a whole lot better, doulas can help you rest and relax through different touch and massage techniques. Is you hubby feeling anxious about the whole pregnancy process? Let your doula reassure your hubby that you are doing great. Your labor doula can also involve your husband in the pregnancy experience to help him have a better understanding of what you are going through, and be able to support you in the process. Curious about what else is in store for you? Check out the Northeast Doulas website to know more about labor doulas.

Do I need a labor doula? Benefits of having a labor doula 

It is definitely recommended for you to get a labor doula! With the support and care that doulas provide for pregnant women; studies show that the presence of doulas has greatly increased the positive birth outcomes. It is also said that pain-relief medication and caesarian birth are less likely to be needed with the help of a labor doulas. Having a labor doula also greatly reduces anxiety and stress during labor with the help of the touch and massage techniques that they employ. Without having to use medication, labor doulas can also help pregnant women experience the benefits of oxytocin in a natural way. Do you want to know more about the benefits of having a labor doula? Consult with the experts at Northeast Doulas to get informed!

Different ways that a doula can change your birthing experience 

Still not convinced that you need a labor doula? Here are some of the reasons why a doula can change your pregnancy experience! Labor doulas can guide you through the entire birthing process by coaching you through every step of the way. Education is also one big thing that a doula can provide for you. By helping them understand the different options available, pregnant mothers can feel a little more at ease knowing that they are making the right decisions with the help of an expert that can give them advice and knowledge. Doulas are also an emotional anchor that pregnant women can lean on throughout the whole pregnancy. A soon-to-be mother’s partner also benefits with the reassurance that the doulas can provide for them, encouraging them that they can manage in taking care of their pregnant partner. Touch and support also plays an important part of the care process of a doula from the beginning until postpartum care. For more information on the labor doulas, head over to the Northeast Doulas website to know more!

Difference between a doula and a midwife 

Is there a difference between a doula and a midwife? Why do I need one over the other? Or should I have both? Well, there is a huge difference between the duties of a doula and that of a midwife! For starters, midwives are medically trained professionals who do perform gynecological exams, deliver a baby, administer pain medication, order epidural, among other things. Doulas, on the other hand, helps a pregnant woman through different breathing, touch, and massage techniques. Doulas are an expecting woman’s emotional, mental, and physical support in that sense. As they offer different services, it is best that you communicate with your doctor to be advised on what is best for your child’s birth. To know more about labor doulas, you may also seek a consultation with Northeast Doulas through any of their contact details listed in their website.

Who can provide me with the best labor doula service?

At Northeast Doulas, with locations over at Greenwich, Westchester and NYC, they offer you the best labor doula services! They aim to provide you with education and guidance on how to best prepare for your pregnancy. Northeast Doulas provides different doulas services such as labor doula and postpartum doula. Other services that they offer are placenta encapsulation. Let Northeast Doulas help you feel empowered and excited for your child’s birth. Check out their website for more information at https://northeastdoulas.com/. You may also send in an email through info@northeastdoulas.com. Don’t be shy and give them a call at 914-736-7700! You are in good hands with Northeast Doulas.