"Exceptional Care for Families with Newborns"

Childbirth Educator

203_IMG_0078Linda LeMon, CCE, IBCLC, RLC, CD

914 734 3896

Getting ready for labor and birth can sometimes be pretty overwhelming. You’ve heard labor stories, watched birth shows on television, read lots of books and still your not sure what to expect. Linda has 20 years of childbirth education experience to help you get ready for your unique birthing story.We will talk,teach and listen in an informal and supportive way. My philosophy FREEDOM OF CHOICE BASED ON KNOWLEDGE will help expectant mothers and their partners feel comfortable making an informed decision regarding their birth choices.

*the mechanics of birth
*variety of approaches to cope with the challenges of birth

*balanced information to better grasp the risks and benefits of medical interventions and pain management
*comfort techniques such as breathing,position, water therapy, relaxation
*up to date evidence based information.