You’ve gotta fight!

For your right!

To potty.

We know you just said that with the Beastie Boys tune in your head. It’s okay so did we.

What are we talking about here?

The dreaded potty training of your toddler.

Who would have thought that it would be so time consuming and stressful to teach someone else how to poop in a toilet?

We have some tips and tricks to help make this potty training process a little bit easier on parents.

Before we get started, you’ll need to reassess your patience. Remember that potty training is a gradual process. Celebrate every small victory and don’t sweat the accidents, they are going to happen. Be patient and it’ll give your little one a little extra confidence while they’re sitting on the royal throne.

Familiarize Yourself with the “Poop Face”

When you have to poop you don’t exactly make it obvious to other people, unless you do and if so, do your thing…

Your toddler, on the other hand, we’re willing to bet is less subtle and will make plenty of faces and might even flat out tell you they’re about to do something serious. Look for the cues and plop them down in the oval office. Instead of having a staring contest in the bathroom which is just awkward for everyone involved, try reading a story or making up a song to sing while they’re waiting to do the deed. Don’t rush a good thing.

Go Pants-less.

Encourage them to roam pants-less! If they have to go, they get to sit on the potty and they don’t have to worry about buttons, snaps and and other obstacles that may interfere with nature’s calling. If you are on the right path with potty success, try ditching diapers and giving your little potty trainer a selection of new underwear to choose from.

Bribe their asses…Literally.

Every time you get any potty progress, let your little one pick a prize or treat from the “toilet bowl” or another punny treat area that will reward your little one every time they have a potty training victory. Rewards for potty training in any form can be a good thing! Make them an offer they can’t refuse and reward the good behavior with their favorite treat.

Up the stakes and give them a bigger prize when they learn to successfully wipe themselves. (For some, this can take years…) It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.

Ready, Set, Aim.

If you have a little gentleman in your home, you’ll appreciate the importance of good aim. Try giving him something to aim for, cheerios work surprisingly well. Make the aim a game with a special cup of cheerios for him to grab whenever he feels the need to go. Reward the success and give him a prizeevery time he hits 4 cheerios! SCORE!

You may choose potty seat attachments, freestanding plastic poopers or just simply sitting your little one down on the porcelain easy chair. Whatever method you choose, encourage your little one’s progress and celebrate with them every step along the way.

Enjoy this step of parenting and remember it’s at your pace and don’t ever judge your family based on someone else’s!