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Easter Traditions for Your Little Bunnies

Easter is the first big holiday that officially celebrates the changing of the seasons and the birth of spring.

Whether you’re celebrating Easter as a religious holiday, a gathering of family or anything in between,rich family traditions make the holiday so much sweeter and more meaningful. We put together a list of fun traditions that many families call their own and some that might be completely new!

Get your little ones on board with celebrating Spring’s arrival with some fun activities made just for them.

Dying Easter Eggs

If your household is Easter celebrating, you probably have some great memories of dying Easter eggs. Get started by hard boiling a whole bunch of eggs. You can use a kit or can even make your own beautifully vibrant egg dye. Kool-Aid and hot water makes a ton of colors to choose from and they smell fantastic. You can even write some secret messages on your eggs for the kids to find when they start dunking their eggs. If your kids are very little, putting the egg inside the cage of a kitchen whisk can be a big help when it comes to dunking into dye. Grab your sparkles, sequins, stickers and more for an Easter egg tradition that is a whole lot of fun.

Easter Egg Hunt

Who doesnt love a good Easter egg hunt? There’s tons of community events that feature huge egg hunts to participate in or you can orchestrate your own. Put your own spin on a traditional egg hunt by thinking outside the box. Giving each of the kids a color keeps your scavenger hunt diplomatic, using camoflauged eggs can make it more challenging for older kids and looking for a golden egg grand prize makes the game more intense. One of our favorites is a night time egg hunt that features glow in the dark eggs. The glowing egg hunt is well worth the wait and looks incredible scattered around the yard.

Easter Brunch

Easter brunch is a great alternative to a big Easter dinner with family and friends, but can be just as fun! Get your kids involved and have them help you prepare smiley face pancakes or let them put the final touches on a home made coffee cake. Fuel up the family for your big Easter egg hunt or just have more of a beautiful spring day to relax and spend time with each other. Who doesn’t love a great breakfast on a holiday? Not to mention it’s usually easier to prepare and clean up after a brunch event than a dinner of several courses. Keep it simple and kid friendly for an incredible Easter meal together. 

Jelly Bean Planting

The Easter Bunny is a household name to a lot of families with small kids and parents are always looking for new or innovative ways to get their kids excited for Easter. Planting jellybeans in the ground can take on a bunch of meanings, but can also teach your kids about the importance of taking care of the earth. As visual learners, having your little ones plant jellybeans in the ground next to a flower or herb plant coincides with all the plants around them coming to life, teaching them about how plants grow and bloom. While they’re asleep put some flower shaped lolipops in the ground where the jellybeans are for a sweet surprise in the morning.

Planting jellybeans near a new plant lets the Easter bunny know your kids are contibuting to the beauty of spring and rewards them with treats in their Easter basket. However you choose to direct your jellybean cause and effect, it’s a super cute tradition to celebrate with your little ones.

We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate these traditions with our families.

Your kids are never too old to dye Easter eggs, have an egg hunt or enjoy brunch together. Whether you’re celebrating traditions that have been passed down through generations or just starting a few of your own, there’s plenty of awesome ways to enjoy this refreshing springtime holiday with your friends and family.