Our Doulas

Yael Yisrael

Prior to becoming a doula, Yael had a fulfilling career in education as a schoolteacher and an afterschool administrator. During that time, Yael gained a wealth of experience working with countless families. Yael quickly learned that every family needed to be supported without judgment, in order to develop their own unique parenting philosophies.

Yael had unknowingly been a doula for many years and began her professional doula career in New York City. As the daughter of a retired labor and delivery nurse, Yael grew up in a world that consisted of birth, babies and transitioning families. This amazing birthing and postpartum world offered wisdom and traditions that were passed down to Yael from her mother and other strong matriarchs. This wisdom was the catalyst in Yael’s decision to train and become a professional doula.

Yael has a calm and reassuring presence. When working with parents, infants, and children, she provides a comforting hands-on approach that makes her clients feel secure and satisfied. As a professional doula Yael can share her gift of teaching in a new and gratifying manner, while having the honor of supporting families during an extraordinary period in their lives.

Providing Professional Doula Services to Families in Greenwich, Westchester & NYC for Over 18 years!

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