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Debbie Aglietti

Debbie Aglietti founded Northeast Doulas in 2002 and has supported well over 1,000 mothers bring their beautiful children into the world since then. A nanny for several New York families early in life, Debbie always loved children and knew she wanted a long-term career aligned to caring for and helping kids grow and learn. But, it was the birth of her first son that triggered the destiny of her future as a Doula. Despite an intentional decision to leverage a midwife for her hospital birth to ensure a compassionate and intimate birthing experience, the implementation of her birth plan was not only a disappointment, it left her with a sense of fear and concern as she contemplated a second pregnancy. Debbie knew the experience could and should have been profoundly more healthy and positive, and she believed a Doula would have made a game changing difference in her envisioned birthing experience. Never one to sit still, Debbie set a goal not to hire a Doula, but to actually become one. And then she went one better by building a business that would certify hundreds of Doulas around the country and support countless women as they searched for their own peaceful and empowered birth and postpartum experiences.

A full 18 years later, Debbie has two handsome college-age boys and a thriving Doula business. Starting with a commitment to provide deeply personal care for the most important moments in life has guided Debbie’s path and the broader path of Northeast Doulas since its inception. Let Debbie and her team of experienced Doulas partner with you to fulfill your birthing and early home experience dreams. Nothing would make us happier.

Providing Professional Doula Services to Families in Greenwich, Westchester & NYC for Over 18 years!

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