Our Doulas

Celenia Vargas

From the beginning of time, Celenia has had an admiration and fascination for pregnancy and birth. She was proud to play an instrumental role in supporting members of her family through birth and early parenting by providing research on a variety of birth related topics, unbiased support and comforting care.

Celenia began her career as a medical assistant in a pediatric office setting. She developed a relationship with patients and their families and learned early on to be a compassionate non-judgmental supporter of families.

Having both her loving mother and her husband by her side when giving birth herself, Celenia still felt like something was missing.  She yearned for an informed supporter, who could be the wealth of knowledge she needed and could guide her through labor.

A friend introduced her to the word ‘doula’ and Celenia knew right away this was her calling – to support women during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

Celenia studied to become a doula and has made a career out of this wonderful work. She is truly honored to assist families during this transformative time.

Providing Professional Doula Services to Families in Greenwich, Westchester & NYC for Over 18 years!

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