Our Doulas

Cara Lundin

Cara has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education as well as over 1,200 Early Childhood and Child Development hours through the NAEYC. Over the last 20 years, she has supported children and their families in my area ranging from Infants to school-age children in the capacity of the lead teacher, director, mentor, and workshop facilitator. She believes what lends the greatest value and benefit to supporting families and being a Doula is my own pregnancy, birth, and child-rearing experiences. Having twins and a singleton less than 2 years part was not only challenging but my greatest joy and accomplishment.

Serving families and caring for children has always been her passion and when she retired from teaching I felt a huge void in my life. Discovering this amazing career has opened the door for another way that I can support families and children.

Cara is compassionate, caring, sensitive, calm, easy to talk to, and dedicated.

I feel excited, joy, and wonder. The journey they are embarking on is one filled with anticipation, expectations, fearabundant amounts of love, tenderness, and joy. This new family dynamic is a blank book ready to be written.

Cara listens attentively to the needs of new families. Cara with not only attune to new families but will support them through their birth and postpartum journey.

Providing Professional Doula Services to Families in Greenwich, Westchester & NYC for Over 18 years!

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