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April Cotter

April grew up with six siblings whom she loved dearly and cared for instinctively. She took on the role of being her mother’s helper without being asked. April was a natural nurturer and this early experience enhanced her journey of becoming a doula.

April’s kind, loving, and maternal characteristics extended as she intuitively helped her nieces during their birthing and postpartum periods.

When April gave birth to her first daughter she imagined this would be one of the most joyous and happiest times of her life. Instead she found it to be an unfortunately difficult and challenging time. When April became pregnant for the second time she decided to be proactive. She did extensive research on postpartum depression and ways to overcome this condition.

April spent over a decade working with young children in the school system. She nurtured them and reassured them that “Miss April” genuinely cared for them. She realized she had been taking on the role of a postpartum doula and decided to train professionally through ProDoula Certification Organization as a certified postpartum and infant care doula.

April has been providing Northeast Doulas clients with non-judgmental, compassionate, and professional support. When April is not spending time with her loving husband and teenage daughters in Hudson Valley she is doting on her rescue dogs.

Providing Professional Doula Services to Families in Greenwich, Westchester & NYC for Over 18 years!

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