If you are pregnant or you’ve just had a baby, Google the words Westchester doula and see what comes up.

Now look for the words, Northeast Doulas.

Next, click on them.

And now, I’ll tell you why.

  • You want a doula with a commitment to continued education.
  • You want a doula who is well versed in your area hospital’s routine protocols.
  • You want a doula who stays current on the recommendations set forth by the America Academy of Pediatrics. (AAP)
  • You want a doula who has vetted resources to meet all of your pre and post pregnancy needs.
  • You want a doula who is certified, immunized and insured.
  • You want a doula with a sterling standard of discretion.
  • You deserve the best possible support for you and your baby.

When you Google, doula Westchester, you are seeking an expert. Someone who you will share vulnerable and authentic moments with. Northeast Doulas owners, Randy Patterson and Debbie Aglietti are determined to help you actualize your best birth and postpartum scenarios. Together, they have acquired for than 38 years of experience and have assisted close to 3,000 couples as they became parents or grew their families.

When you search doula Westchester, the place to click is, Northeast Doulas!