When you’re expecting, having a well-stocked hospital bag is essential. One of the most important items in your bag should be snacks! Even though it’s unlikely that you will feel hungry during labor, having something to snack on can help to keep your energy up and provide some comfort.
It’s important to make sure that the snacks you bring with you are pieces of whole foods — ones that are not processed, contain no added sugar, and have no artificial ingredients. Some ideas include dried fruit, trail mix, nuts or seeds, hummus and vegetable sticks or crackers, dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa content), granola bars without added sugar or preservatives, applesauce cups without added sugar or preservatives, nut butter packets without preservatives or added sugar, oatmeal packages without any added sugar or flavors.
You may want to snack at different times throughout labor including while laboring at home; before arriving at the hospital; while transitioning from early labor into active labor; and if you’re planning an epidural and know you’ll be receiving medication that could cause nausea and vomiting. These snacks can help keep your energy up so that you don’t become completely exhausted during labor.
It’s also good to have snacks available for after birth as well since your body has just gone through a huge event – birth! During this time period it is important for westchester doulas and new mothers alike to replenish their bodies with nutritious foods in order to promote recovery. Ideas include yogurt with fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs with avocado toast, homemade smoothies with spinach or kale and protein powder and almond milk.
Snacks are an essential part of the childbirth experience for westchester doulas and new mothers alike in NYC! Having some healthy whole food options on hand can help keep energy levels up so that you can stay focused on bringing your baby into the world as safely as possible.