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Dear Mean Girls,

Dear Mean Girls,

You have taken away our power for the last time.

Your judgmental, self-righteous comments will no longer impact us in a negative way.

They will no longer make us question ourselves, our abilities or our value.

As little girls, you tormented us in school in front of our peers. You were deliberate about undermining us and embarrassing us any time you had the opportunity.

We worked hard to avoid you because we hoped to escape the shame and embarrassment you worked to cause us. You needed an audience to laugh with you and join in on mocking us, to make you feel strong and you found it in other mean girls.

As adult women, you have new methods.

You now have social media and it makes perfect sense that you would utilize it in your mean girl ways. Other mean girls rally with you when you seek out sensitivities in other women and launch your passive aggressive attacks.

While you post about sisterhood, camaraderie and empowerment, your actions show your desire to disempower women who have thoughts or beliefs that differ from yours.

You see, we don’t need you.

We thought we did.

We thought if you liked us, we would somehow be smarter, prettier and more successful but it turns out that you not liking us, somehow made you feel prettier, smarter and more successful.

We are free thinkers and we do things differently than you do. We make our own rules and we are empowered by those rules, which incidentally, don’t hurt you.

Do you feel threatened by us stepping out of your comfort zone?

Do you need us to follow in your footsteps so you feel like you are walking in the right direction?

We are not followers.

We are leaders.

We release ourselves from the responsibility of sacrificing our self-esteem for the benefit of your superiority complex.


The empowered women we have become

Authored by: The Rock n’ Roll Doula